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July 12, 2007


Gladys M. (Payne) Bohac

Talking about old memories, what about going to the movies on Saturday morning and paying nine cents to get in, having the rest for popcorn, candy or hotdog and a drink. WOW, I tell my grandkids about that and they look amazed. Now to take my grandkids to the movie for the same things ends up costing about $20-25 dollars. WOW! what a big difference in just a short time. smile.

Also, we could get on the bus in Pecan Park (don't remember the grocery store on Evergreen) and go to downtown Foley's for a dime. How times have changed! I look back and remember when I was young my parents reminiscing about the old days. Here we are doing to same thing. Oh what fun.

I just love the blogging because it does bring back so many memories.

Gladys Payne Bohac

Karla Lofgren Davis

Gladys, thanks so much for your contributions to the blog. That's what makes it so great - all of the different voices recalling memories of days gone by as well as giving us info about the here and now. The photos are fun too, of course!

I want to encourage you and all other regular contributors to blitz your regular contacts from the class of 1960 with e-mails and/or phone calls, "nagging" them to log on to this site and not only READ what others have written, but also write some comments of their own - recounting their memories, telling us what they are up to these days, submitting a biography, and/or responding to the comments of others. Assure them we all really want to hear from them. I can't wait to check in each day and see what's new here!!! Karla

Mike Roberts

You said it, Karla! I cannot wait to get up in the morning, draw my first cup o' joe, and check the blog to see if one of the crew has made a new deposit.

Hi Gladys! The only grocer I remember on Evergreen was Henke & Pilot and that was the Lawndale bus route that came thru Pecan Park. We caught the bus at Redwood and Narcissus for our ride to downtown and the "Fun Club" at The Kirby on Saturday morning.

I remember the huge display windows at Foley Bros. downtown being decorated to the MAX during the Christmas Season, as well as the garlands that stretched across and down Main Street. What a wonderful and joyous time of year !

Skating Rink???

This talk of riding the city bus to downtown Houston (which my cousins and I did many Saturdays) brought another thought to my mind. Does anyone remember a skating rink located somewhere in the vacinity of Harrisburg/Lawndale/Wayside? I think we rode the bus up Broadway (from Park Place) to that general area, then walked about a block or two left/west after we got off the bus.

Did anyone else go there to skate on Saturdays? I wasn't a fancy skater, but I was pretty good at it - which was unusual for me, having two left feet as I do. I loved the feeling of sailing around the rink, crossing feet as I glided around the end of the oval.

I think kids from schools other than Deady/Milby went to that rink as it seemed rather daring to me - I didn't know many of the kids there. Can you believe our parents gave us that much freedom - riding the bus to a "strange" part of town, walking through an unfamiliar neighborhood, skating for a couple of hours, walking back to the bus stop and waiting there, riding the bus home and then walking the mile or so to our home. I can't imagine giving my kids (or especially my grandkids) that kind of exposure to the dangers of the world.

Years later Ed and I frequently went skating with our boys and their friends, especially when we were Cub Scout leaders. That was a typical Saturday outing for us in Cody, Wyoming. The kids at the school where I work now have "skate day" in the gym at the end of each six weeks, and I am often tempted to don skates and join in. But I am dissuaded by the thought of a broken hip, arm, or worse. Karla

Mike Roberts

Ahhh ! Skating. I too was a skating virtuoso in my day ( in my own mind ). Today I'm afraid I would " break up like a cracker " if I took a fall like some I took in those days.

I am thinking that there was a Kelly's Skate Rink somewhere off Wayside which I never visited, however I am fairly sure it was he who opened a second rink close to Gulfgate. I attended Friday night sessions there quite often.

Seems as though there was quite a competition in speed skating at that time and occasionally a sore loser would resort to pushing and shoving to have his way.

They did play some of the great music of the day at "The Rink".

Gladys M. (Payne) Bohac

Hi Mike: That skating rink was run by my parents. I spent many years on my skates there. I had a skating partner name C. . Steward, we could skate really good together and do a lot of the dancing and free style pretty good. The skating rink was between the movie theater and a furnture store, I believe it was call Broadway's Furniture store. I was a good skater back then and took skating lessons. I had so much fun skating all the time and had great expectations of being an olympic skater, that was my life back then. I had a dancing partner and did some competition skating. Then when I was a little older, my Mom & Daddy ran the old Kelly's Skating Rink off of Harrisburg close to the old Sears. I don't remember the name of the street, maybe someone will.

I also remember going downtown to Foley's during the holidays and shopping. When I had my children, my girlfriend and I would go down every holiday and have lunch in the Azalea Terrace and then go shopping. My kids looked forward to that outing every year and still talk about it. Thanks for jogging my memory about the skating.

Gladys M. (Payne) Bohac

Hey Mike, you are right about Kelly's Skating Rink,
it was Wayside about a 1/2 mile from the old Sears on Harrisburg. The first one was on Broadway as stated before. During the summers when Mr. Kelly went on vacation, my parents ran the rink for him on Wayside and all the other times on Monday nights.

John Echoff

Hey guys, the skating rink was on Capitol Street and it was a block & 1/2 from Sears (I used to live in the subdivision at the end of Capitol-Pine View, about a mile away) Spent many a Saturday afternoon getting up off my duff, never did learn to skate backwards. Mike, you are right about the music, it was great.

Gladys M. (Payne) Bohac

Hey John, I talked to some of my family after I wrote the other blog comment and they corrected me about it being on Capitol. Sorry the old memory is not what it use to be. I too spent a lot of hours at that location with my parents. The music was great. Years ago they played beautiful organ music to skate by. Oh what memories.

300th Comment

Ding, ding, ding, ding - Gladys, you win the prize for submitting the 300th comment on the blog!!! We turn 6 months old on Wednesday of next week, and I was hoping we'd hit the 300 mark before that milestone.

I sure have enjoyed everyone's comments about the skating rinks and activities. Cleared up some fuzzy details for me, and brought many happy memories to mind. Who knows, we were probably all there at the same time on occasion. Mike and John - were you the macho guys who raced past me, then crashed - scaring the heck out of me and almost causing ME to crash? I am sure Gladys was one of those graceful skate dancers I watched with envy and tried to emulate.

Who knew, "back in the day", that we'd be communicating this way 50+ years later... (Who would have dared to dream of an internet that would make these kinds of communications possible???) Ahhhh...nostalgia! Karla

Gladys M. (Payne) Bohac

I remember going to Magnolia Gardens and seeing Elvis. It was at that time that I fell in love. I was a big time admirer of ole Elvis, also went to see him when I wa thirteen at the Coliseum with my cousin, aunt, and my Mother who both were crazy about Elvis. I cried the day he died. Years later, we took the kids to Memphis to Graceland and his burial place.

On another note about Magnolia Garden, I remember seeing Sonny James at Magnolia Gardens. My family went there a number of times when I was younger.

I know this might be in the wrong place but I was jogging my memory about my earlier years, many, many, many years ago, smile. I remember three of my teachers at Harris Elementary. One of my all time favorites was Mrs. Cook, my 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Thornton, 2nd grade and Mrs. Boykin, 6th grade. I will have to send in our class pictures when I find them.

Billie T. Young

Goodness, that skating rink brings back lots of fond memories! Grandma used to make those fun skating outfits for me. Would you believe...I still have my white shoe skates & they're in mint condition. Tried passing them on to our daughter and/or 3 granddaughters, but they outgrew a size 7 too long ago. I'll try for our first great-granddaughter who was just born Christmas day!

Herbert Johns

Mr. Kelley and the skating rinks.
I agree with John, I thought that it was Capital St. also. It was definitely the street just past Navigation at the end of the Henke &Pilot parking lot just before Wayside went under the railroad tracks. I first started going with my uncle about 1953. Mr. Kelley did open the new rink near Gulf Gate on (I believe it was called Reveile at that time, but now it is Loop 610) just off of Telephone Rd. I skated there for several years until Mr. Kelley hired me to work the floor on Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday about 1959 until I joined the Air Force in 1964. A couple (Pam & Paul) were partners and went to Japan and competed for the Worlds Championship. The Pro was Bob ?? from California and he bought the rink from Mr. & Mrs. Kelley when they decided to retire.

Remember the old rinks, including the one at Gulf Gate, with no Air conditioning and big windows, and large Attic Fans were the extent of the cooling? But what fun we all had! Can you imagine today's youngsters and teenagers going skating without the place having air conditioning?

Just recently I gave my skates (cost $350.00 in 1959) to a young man from New Orleans who had lost his skates in Katrina. After the broken ribs from dancing, I think it was one of my better ideas of the year and to see the sparkle in his eyes made it very worthwhile. Besides, if I kept them the temptation would have been too great because I had gone skating about 5 years ago and remembered how much fun it could be. BUT, I didn't fall.

Herbert Johns

Big WHOOPS! I stated that the roller rink was located the street over from Navigation. That was an error - I meant Harrisburg and Wayside. I thought of this as I was driving down the highway today and have stopped in the town of Giddings and am using their library computer to correct my error. I will be gone till Monday or Tuesday this time and leave again on Friday for 3 days. I'm just going to run thru the woods for a few days.

Gladys M. (Payne) Bohac

Hi Herbert: After Mr. Kelley started the skating rink in Gulfgate, my parents did not work for him any longer. Would you believe my first pair of skates were made for me because back then they did not have my size. I started skating when I was 5 years old at a portable rink out in Galena Park. This is why I loved skating so much, I grew up on skates. Man, that was a long time ago. Now we have the right location for the rinks, right?


Nancy Sisson Pasket

I was reading the "how we met" stories and realized several of us live on acres.
George and I live on several hundred acres in New Waverly, TX., the old family place. Country living is great, lots of space and nice clean air.
We had our first date at Bill Mraz Ballroon in Houston. A great dancer will always get the girl.
Great to read the stories from our class.

Welcome, Nancy

Welcome Nancy. I remember you well!!! So good to have you join us on the blog. I think the acreage bit would make an interesting post. I'll store that in my idea file!

As soon as I get home I'll add your "How I Met My Spouse" to the Valentine post. I can't access the managment page from school - a restricted site. Guess they don't want us blogging on company time. Imagine that! Karla

Carolyn's Request for a Riding Partner

This appeal was issued by Carolyn Smith Pfennig a couple of months ago, but was quickly buried in a volley of other comments. In my recent e-mail exchange with her I asked if she had found a partner for the ride. Her response (added below) made me decide to issue this comment once again. I also requested that she send a photo or two after the race to challenge the rest of us. “Let's Get Physical”.

Carolyn’s original comment:
Hey you Buffalos,
Did anyone out there register for the April 2008 MS150 bike ride from Houston to Austin (April 12-13)? My riding partner did not register before it closed in less than 2 weeks time! He was out of town and thought he could register when he returned. I am just looking for someone that I might know to ride with. My daughter registered, but the last two years she fizzled out and did not ride (said that nursing school just took too much of her time -- no time to train.) Even if there is another class of 1960 Buffalo riding, I probably would not ride "with" you,(I ride slower than most other riders that I know)just like to know that there are others out there that I know or have something in common with. Some one I could look for along the way or at the rest stops. I have registered with the CenterPoint Energy team, but do not work there and do not really know any one on that team. Please let know if you know anyone from our class who may be dong this fun ride. Thanks.

Carolyn’s recent comment:
No, I did not find a buffalo who was riding in the MS150 bike ride from Houston to Austin on April 12-13. I am training now and still plan to ride. I will find a buddy I am sure. I am riding on the CenterPoint team – but I don’t know anyone on that team this year (185 rider team!) It is a crazy thing to do, but is a lot of fun too. And it’s a good motivation to get to the gym for general work outs as well as to get on the bike and just ride. This one charity event raised 12 million dollars last year for Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Charlotte Vann Casselberry

Ok Folks, Food for Thought.... I am so sick and tired of the garbage that is on TV and the movies that are playing. Am I just a prude, or do others feel the same way? We were at the mall the other evening, and with all the movies showing, there was not one that we felt was appropriate. Even when you find one with actors that you like, the reviews indicate lots of profanity, sex and/or violence.
Seems like the only other alternative is Theater and the Arts. If you have any great ideas or favorite movies you would like to share, please do so.
Also, what were your favorites from "OUR" day?

Herbert Johns

Just a short note for now as you can see if the time comes out on this it is 1:10AM and I need to get into bed because I am supposed to be in Liberty Tx in the morning at 7:30 for an outing.
I met a Lady in January and I will just say at this time that it has been BLISSFUL since January 24th. More later Herbert Johns

Don't Leave Us Hanging!!!!!

Thanks for popping in, Herbert, but please don't leave us hanging like that!!!! Although, it doesn't take much imagination to fill in the gaps. Nevertheless, tell us more, send photos! Until you do, suffice it to say I am sure we are all very happy for your bliss! Karla

Mike Roberts

Hi folks, just popped in ( like Herbert ) read Charlottes note and just had to add something. We all know John Wayne, Cary Grant, Clark Gabel, and many more will not bring us new and wonderful movie experiences. However there are some fine actors and actresses that are bringing us some very good entertainment. Costner, Hanks, Nicholson and many more have done some really fine films that have tickled our minds, broke our hearts and excited our adventurous intelligence.

I look back at musically inclined favs like Martin, Sinatra, Elvis who will no longer bless our Christmas's with their seasonal best on TV, in concert or at the clubs of Vegas. Yet we have those like Bennett, Mathis, Newton and a few others who still try to keep our memories alive. I have turned back to the country venue for the main course of my music enjoyment as I have found only a few of the new selections that grab my attention. I do like to see the youngsters like Clay Aikens looking to break into musical careers on shows like " The American Idol " in part because they do allot of the old music we listened to at the hops.

I no longer attend the movie houses, I suppose, because I remember taking my kids to see Star Wars and dropping off to sleep shortly after it began. There is something to say about getting comfortable and content. I now prefer to ride my easy chair in front of the TV and use all the advances of this new generation to catch a flick or play my old classics which we have all transfered from one type of recording to the newest available.

I think I will sumate this entry by saying that I appreciate Charlotte's entry for it spoke to me and I just had to opine in fashion. Perhaps this will spark a rebuttal which will add to the other interesting content of our own so well thought out site. Thanks Charlotte. Of course, thank you again Karla for making all this possible for our class.

Linda Strickland

Mike, now that I am retired I have more time to play around with the computer, still learning, and need to take a class. Found a fun site called UpChucky.com, the music room was great! Linda

John Echoff

Hey Karla, I was viewing the old photo's and saw your comments on PP Bapt. building the new church next to your old house, and how yours was the 1st marriage performed there. Man, what a very small world-I was also married in PP Bapt.-1964 was the year and Charlie Crider was my best man. But that's another long story...

Mike Roberts

Hi Linda, I too have recently retired and find myself compelled to flit around the world of technology on this powerful tool. I too should take a course in mastering this machine.

I did finally have a moment to visit the site you mentioned and found it to be having problems so I missed the music room you spoke of. Too bad ! I do enjoy good music and especially that of the earlier years. I will keep watching the site and see if they get it up and running again. Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness, you are appreciated, Mike

Linda Little Strickland

The site, Up ChUcky.com, has come back up again. I enjoy The Music Room, 20 hits by original singers/music on the jukebox, years 1940-1979.

I received a Logitech for Mothers Day from my daughter and son-in-law. Mike, I felt like I had made a trip to the moon. Saw my daughter and grandson on my computer screen and heard him cry, we talked and laughed for an hour. Feel like I am living the old comic books. I wanted to reach out and hug them.

What an age we live in! Bionic eye for the blind, hip and knee replacements, nanoworm shot to detect a cancer/tumor better than MRI, and on and on. When we left Milby in 1960, the year 2000 seemed like a space age......and here it is, we have made it to 2008. Thurburn Barker's work seems very exciting.

We need some more chatter on this blog. Herbert Johns, with all those homeplaces, I know you have things to do and places to go. Let us hear about it, just because we have inquirying minds and care about our friends.

Mike, I think Larry Smith has hit on something with his "commune" with the price of gas and food getting out of sight. Seems everyone is looking for ways to cut expenses these days. I feel more family members will be doing this in the near future. We have come full circle because used to the family all lived together and everyone worked to keep the family going. I have expressed too many views in this blog. Good night, Mike Boy ( or was it John Boy?) Linda

Mike Roberts

Hi Linda, I jumped right over there to see what they had to offer ! Wow, you are right they have some of the good oldies on their juke box. I have some buddies who look for this stuff and I intend to share it with them.

The first thing I looked at was something to do with thongs and it was a real tickler. After that I went straight to the music room. I will need to save some time to get back and explore further. Thanks Linda

Linda Little Strickland

Hey Mike, I walk the treadmill and listen to the juke box music. Great distraction. My husband got me a computer three years ago. When he had it installed he said," I don't even know how to spell computer, had a neighbor that got one and I haven't seen his in two years, don't want nothing to do with it". Sonny is retired ATF and now stays on it talking to his retired friends.

My major in high school was History and minor in Home Economics. According to Webster, economic is the production and management of wealth, feel I have gained that in my children. As far as the History goes I live with a living History, Sonny is one of the original moonshine revenuers, his stories of car chases and busting stills are something to hear. I think the only reason he married me was because I have a still...NOT IN USE, I had to hide it when we first got married he wanted to take an ax to it (old habits are hard to break). It is interesting to read the views of his friends about him and world topics.

Our lives are like a kaleidoscope and I like this time of life. We are truly blessed to live in America. Here I am started a topic on music and ended on life....But life is music. Have a good day to Mike and all you buffalos as we stampede through another wonderful day. Linda

Karla for John Echoff

I received this from John Echoff this A.M. (he blogs during his night shift at work, I think - usually around 2-3 AM). I think this fits right in with Linda's comment (above) and is a great topic for the blog!

John wrote:
"I didn't know whether or not this would be appropriate for the "BLOG", so I thought I'd send it direct and you can post it or whatever...

At 11:00 PM last night (5/15) I observed the anniversary of the beginning of my career in law enforcement. I began on the night shift (11pm-7am) on May 15, 1969. Man, that sounds like a long time ago... Some of the patrol cars I drove in those days really make me wonder how I survived. The design was basically a very large engine and four wheels! The creature comforts were non-existent, a heater was the only accessory ordered. That's right-NO AIR CONDITIONING-no power steering, no am-fm radio, and if memory serves me correctly, no seat belts!!!

One other little item, the cars were all standard shift. Try that while driving fast, operating the siren and radio, turning corners, etc.

Of course we had no cage or screen to separate us from the prisoners and my first patrol car was a two-door sedan, which meant any prisoner had to be placed in the back seat by folding half of the front seat down to allow access. The only bright point about night duty was that the temperature was cooler." John Echoff

Linda Little Strickland

John, That old saying," You have come a long way baby" is so true of many things in our life. My husband relates to your above note. When he was in car chases trying to catch bootleggers, going around curves, hills his only seatbelt was his partners back against the passenger door and feet on my husband holding him in place for the fast ride.

You have been a policeman many years, the changes in your area have been great and I'm sure you have seen it all! Proud of you John. Was nice to meet your lovely wife at our last reunion. Linda

Mike Roberts

Hi folks, I've been reading the last few posts by Linda, Karla and John and it has raised my interest and curiousity !

Question for John, wondered if you ever knew Buck Maughner's Dad (Buck was in my eldest brothers class at Milby -1958). Mr. Maughner was a Houston Police Officer, a member of the Motorcycle Patrolmans Force.

I watch "Cops" on TV regularly and have several Officers who are acquaintences of mine. It is my understanding that the work can be very addictive and enjoyable (helping people at their most vulnerable times of need) as well as disturbing and dangerous (as recent news about Officer injuries and deaths are on the rise) with the population explosion. I would like to thank you for your service to our community and would hope that you have trained younger officers well enough to fill the rather large boots you have worn for so long and so well.

My friend, Jerry Roark, had mentioned Kelley's Restaurant (where Lang's @ Park Place had been) on the blog a while back. I also visit the old building on occasion, and while enjoying their great Catfish Plate I peruse the photos on all the walls of that old establishment. They portray HPD of yore and the motorcycle core of the past. I think that Mr. Maughner's picture is in the mix. Perhaps you or some other reader of our wonderful blog can correct or add to my rambling on the subject.

For you Linda, I thank you for your input for you spern ideas and memories with your spin on so many subjects, keep on churning!

Karla, what could you possibly do to top this great place I frequent so oft in my weekly time budget! Thanks, and thank you all for keeping life interesting.

Karla Lofgren Davis

Mike, was your brother Thomas Roberts? I just looked in the '58 yearbook. My brother was in the class of '58 as well, and he just attended their 50th reunion in Houston. Was your brother there? Seems they had a good turnout and a lot of good memories stirred up. We had lunch with Randy and his wife soon afterwards and he told us lots of good stories that came out of that reunion.

Buck's brother Earl Maughner was one of Randy's best friends. In fact, Earl went on a vacation trip with our family to Bastrop State Park once.

Buck Maughner was in my music group (private piano lessons) and can be seen in a group photo in the Deady Photo Album - back row, far left - next to David Claridge, who is next to Joe Sunbarger. I have had an e-mail conversation with David recently, but have no e-mail address for Joe. Does anyone know how to contact him?

Fun making these connections, isn't it? You mention addicitive behaviors in your comment to John. In fact, I find the blog somewhat addictive. I tend to spend time reading and putzing around with it when I should be doing my "real" work. I appreciate those of you who have been frequent and faithful contributors. I hope we will continue to bring in others bit by bit. KD

Mike Roberts

Hi Karla, my eldest brother is Larry, maybe class of 1959, he is a year + a month or 2 older than I. He joined the service in his senior year.

I recall Buck riding a motorbike and remembered his father was a motorcycle patrolman. Just figured that maybe John knew him.

John Echoff

Mike, yes I knew all of them, Buck, Earl and their Dad. I knew Mr. Maughner was a Motor Officer, but I don't remember when he retired. The founder of Kelly's (Jim) was also a HPD Motor Officer, and I rode with him a few times before his retirement. There was also a set of twin brothers that rode for HPD, but I cannot recall their names at the moment.

Linda thank you for the appreciation and I will pass on your greeting to Linn, who incindentaly also rode police motors for 17yrs. (right beside me)...

Moonshine and Revenuers

After the exchange with John (several comments ago on May 16, 17, 18) Linda sent me an article about her husband, Sonny Strickland. It had appeared in the magazine "The South". Very interesting reading, so I put an excerpt in at the end of Linda's biography page. Click on her name in the middle of the right sidebar to open, then slide the scroll bar to the bottom. You'll see the photos flash by and recognize them as illutrations for the article. Enjoy the read!!! Karla

Linda Little Strickland


I envy that Milby bunch that is going to Kenny,Texas. The event is right up my alley!...And you all thought I was just joking about spending my government check on yard sells. I am a antiquarian from way back, have a picture that says, " Grandmas are just antique little girls". Can't wait to hear about your get together. Linda

Linda Strickland

Ann, enjoyed your story about moonshine. My husband read it and backed you up. Sonny related Miss. moonshires used coal not like other states in making shine. He cracks me up with the escapades he experienced. When we go out and he starts on his moonshine story it is like he is the only one in the room people are fascinated to hear what he has to say. I have invited him to our next reunion I know he would be a hoot, but he has just in the last few months had his second open heart surgery. Thanks for the good read Ann.

Clyde ( Sonny ) Jones

Hi buffs,
You know, we're getting to the age where we really don't know what the next couple of years hold for us, so why don't we all make a really all-out effort to make our 50-year reunion...no matter what. I'm sending out a challenge to all you bison-lovin' buffalos. Let's make a genuine effort to visit together in 2010.
I have as bad a record of attendance as anyone. I think I have only made our 20-year reunion. But, I'm so old now, I can't remember. How about it? I'm lookin' for early commitments. I know you don't have plans for that night, so don't lie!

Karla Lofgren Davis

I'm right there with you, kid!!! Just waiting for word of where and when and we're booking a room!!!

We went to one event each of the 10th and 25th because we were living out of state and whenever we were in Houston we needed to spend most of our time with our families.

However, by the time the 40th and 45th reunions rolled around our folks were all gone and we were suddenly longing for connections with our roots. We went to every event of both of those reunions and loved every moment of it.

While we are on the subject I want to once again praise and express appreciation to Ray and the committee for all of their work through the years to keep us connected and to give us a venue for getting together. I am quite sure that if not for the friendly though persistent "nagging" of Ray, Doris, Linda, and Mary Frances I would be missing something in my life that has become very important to me - the friendship of the folks who were near and dear to me in my youth. Thank you one and all!!! Karla

Linda Strickland

John & Linn,
What a great adventure! Thanks for sharing your trip. As I was reading I too could feel the wind in my face, smell the green grass and view new places! In one of the pictures I saw that once remembered grin of Johns from the school yard of , I think John R. Harris in the 4th grade.
Reading the life of our classmates gives us cause to smile, to admire, be proud of, and a time to whisper a prayer to uplift. Hope we have a good turnout at the reunion, know the committee is making great plans for us. Linda

Glenda Burns Minniece

Hey everyone - I'm not sure where to put this, so I'll put it here. If you're interested in genealogical research, October ('08) is Family History Month. If you live in or near Houston, you might want to visit to the Clayton Library during the month of October. They have lots of special programs this month. A calendar of events is online at www.houstonlibrary.org/branches/cla_home.html.

Sheila Steele Howard

To Jerry Tucker,
Was great to hear from you and see your pictures. Now, how about some detail so we can hear how you got to Wyoming.

John Echoff

A touch of the supernatural-again! A few days ago, I asked Linn to pick me up at the dealership where I was having work performed on my truck. Several hours later, Linn asked me what I did with her car keys. I reminded her that she drove home and I had not had her keys. She searched high and low for the keys and could not find them. I loaned her my keys for her car. A few days later we were by the barn picking up wrappers off bundles of shingles the contractor had strewn about. I went inside the barn to pick up a wrapper, when I leaned over to get it, my eyes scanned the door post (which has several nails to hold keys for the lawnmower, tractors, etc.). As I straightened up, I called Linn to come to me, she replied she was busy, I insisted, telling her she really had to see this! As she entered the barn, I pointed to the post and asked her if she recognized the keys hanging on the nail. Yep, her car keys dangling there as if to say we're back! Neither of us had been in the barn since she lost her keys. How they got there is a mystery! Any ideas? Borrowers, mischevieous spirits, what? Would like for someone to conduct a reading at our place, just to see what is really going on, any takers?

P.S. This is not the first incident, I'm still missing two sets of motorcycle keys from the top of our dresser, for about three years so far!

Billy Carter

24 Hour Emergency Hospital.

After school, our daughter limped out to our car.

She had hurt her left foot while in "Color Guard" practice.

Examination of her foot found a half-dollar sized knot on the outside of her foot. In one hour this had grown to cover half of the side of her foot. Our doctor suggested we get an x-ray, checking for a "broken bone".

We took Amanda to the "ER" at Northwest Memorial, because they have 24 hour access to x-ray.

We arrived at 7:15 PM.

The waiting room was about 3/4 full. Several people were wearing face masks. Swine-flu?

At 7:50 PM Amanda was examined by a nurse, who agreed with the need for an x-ray. We were told to go to a second waiting room. It was full of waiting people.

Because of the MOB of people (every chair taken, people standing in the hall), at 8:30 PM we were told to go back to the first waiting room. We would be called.

One hour later, at 9:30 PM, we went back to the second waiting room. After 5 minutes a nurse came through asking, "Is there a Carter here?" She had no idea that we had been told to retreat to the first waiting room, and had been asking for us for 25 minutes.

After an x-ray (nothing broken), finally at 12:30 AM, a nurse finished the paper work / pain prescription, etc. and released Amanda with a bandaged swollen foot.

We were at this over-run facility for FIVE HOURS AND 15 MINUTES!

[Karla's Note: our son was in the ER "injury of the month" club as an athlete in high school - I steer clear of emergency rooms whenever possible!]

John Echoff

Billy, take it from an ER Veteran, they are not a favorite place of mine either! Last time I was there I wound up with a foot long scar on the stomach and 15 pints of somebody else's blood, traversing thru my veins-so much for the 100% pure German blood line!!!

Seriously, I am glad your daughter did not have anything broken. Sprains can take longer to heal, but at least the bones are intact.

Gladys Payne Bohac

Karla, I am not sure where this comment goes, but this looks like a great place to post my thoughts.

I think the pictures of your grandkids are just beautiful. I know you are so proud of your kiddos too.I will be sending some of my family soon. These kids are what life is all about. Ours keep us busy and that is great. Love being with mine. My grandkids have brought so much happiness into my life as I am sure yours have. I know we are all of our grandkids biggest cheerleaders. I love watching them and seeing them grow into fine young women and men. My how I love them. Do I sound proud or not??? I will send more later on my precious grandkids.

I would also like to share some other thoughts about the upcoming reunion.

Again, my hat is off to our fantastic committee that works so hard and long planning all of the events for the weekend. I want to tell everyone that if you miss this big event next April, shame on you. You will miss a wonderful fun filled weekend that the committee has so unselfishly worked and planned for ALL of us. Bo & I can not wait for that time. Who knows if we will be here for the 55th reunion. We all need to enjoy our time with old friends to reminisce about days gone by. This keeps us young at heart. So please, let me see all of your smiling faces and big stories to tell at the
BIG 50 REUNION. I am game, how about you???


Claudia's Bruised Tush

Claudia told this little story on herself..."A couple of weeks ago I was at my daughter's helping her put in a raised vegatable garden. I was hauling some dirt in a wheelbarrow when I took a hard fall on my tush. In a couple of days I had a bruise about the size of my fist. I thought to myself, well this gives a new meaning to "When I am Old I Shall Wear Purple".

Now, for THAT poem ("When I Am Old...") take yourself to the new page "Poetry on the Blog" that is linked from the lead post, or use this URL: http://milby1960.typepad.com/milby_class_of_1960/poetry-on-the-blog-1.html

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1960 Carats Program

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Milby Kaleidoscope Programs

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