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July 10, 2007


Laura Burns

Left Galveston yesterday morning, and an hour and a half later, evacuation was made mandatory. John has to stay--essential personnel at UTMB. Am at my sister Margaret's place in Austin for now.

Gladys' Health Report

Gladys Payne Bohac sent an e-mail today, telling of her recent health issues. She wrote, “I just went through some real problems. I went into the hospital with 80% blockage in one of my main arteries and blockage in one of the small arteries. The doctor put a stint in the large artery and fixed the small artery. Kind of scary, but I am doing fairly good now. Please remember me in your prayers. Hopefully, this will take care of the problems - sure hope so.”

I'll keep you posted as I hear from Gladys. Karla

Larry Smith

Congratulations and best wishes to Jeff Powers and Alma Woodward. Just heard they were married on Sept. 20 and what a wonderfull surprise!!


Well said.

Larry Smith


Congratulations on your new grand daughter!! How are mother and baby Karly doing?

I wonder who she is named after?


Karla Lofgren Davis

Why, they are doing just fine, thank you! And wasn't that sweet of them to name her for me? We'll be in Dallas for the next 5 days, taking care of little Karly and her big brother Alex while Mom completes her 2 weeks of recuperation from the C-section. I bet I'll have some pictures to show you next week. Thanks for expressing interest!!! Karla

Jody Bugg

Oh, my goodness, Karla. She is BEAUTIFUL! Karly ... what a sweet gesture, too. I can't wait for more photos.


darryl roberts

I have remembered your accordian and have wanted to ask you about it. You and I lived just a few blocks apart. I brought my saxophone to your house and we played our instruments. Your dad even played my saxophone. I think he had played sax back when he was in school.
I was a music major in college and wanted to play many instruments so during college days I borrowed an accordian and learned to play it okay.

Larry Smith

Darryl, wow, I'm impressed. I remember us walking to school together, but I don't remember you bringing your sax over. My dad did play the sax in high school, and he sold it to buy an accordian for me.

I spent too much time in the A&M student center learning to play piano. Probably should have taken piano lessons instead of accordian. I have always tried to have a piano at home, and finally sold the accordian at a garage sale about twenty five years ago.

Larry Smith

Ho Hum...

Not much on TV today...

Karla Lofgren Davis

We must be living in parallel universes...or at least watching TV with very different points of view...

I have been glued to the TV for 3 days and can't get enough of it. KD

Karla Lofgren Davis

The following comments were entered last week on another post. I am afriad they may get lost as that post has been reconfigured, so I am bringing them forth here. I am so excited about Herbert John's cruise and can't wait to see how it went.

Herbert wrote:
Well folks I'm going on my 1st
cruise next week and I am VERY
apprehensive about it. I know that I will have a good time so I'm told and I will because that
is why I get up in the mornings
is to have a good time. I'm going
alone so I just cann't imagine
being on a boat with strangers for
that long but I think they do have
a cosino - that is good. More when I return. Have a fabulous day. Herbert Johns

Posted by: Herbert Johns | January 23, 2009 at 02:03 PM

Herbert - I have worried about you so much lately - really - feeling that you are carrying such a weight for yourself and the entire Gulf Coast region. I am so glad to hear that you are doing something fun and positive for yourself. Have a blast!!!!!!! Karla

Posted by: Happy for the News | January 23, 2009 at 02:15 PM

Hi Herbert, I have never been on a cruise either. My experiences with boats have not been without excitement.

I do have friends who take cruises often and they express stories of great fun and enjoyment. Join in the group programs they offer ! What a wonderful avenue to meet people and create new friendships and memories. Let your outgoing nature and humor reach out to others and it will be returned twofold.

Have a terrific trip and bring back some warm stories.

Posted by: Mike Roberts | January 24, 2009 at 10:26 AM

Larry Smith

Now is the time to get your Martin house ready for spring guests. The rule is to have it out by Valentine's day. We should start seeing some Purple Martins searching for housing in advance of the main group. We put ours up this morning, the first he have had here in Stoneham. We saw some Martins looking last year, but didn't have a house to put up.

Laura McNeil Burns

According to Jim Stevenson of the Galveston Ornithological Society, purple martin houses really took a hit during Ike, so putting one up would definitely be a good deed.

Karla Lofgren Davis

What's the latest news on the Purple Martins? Chime in and let us know if you have a house up, and whether or not you have any nesters. (see previous two comments)

Re Galveston and the storm...

We have been enjoying Spring Break this week and spent a few days in Kemah. [Ed's Clear Creek HS Class of '59 is celebrating their 50th at the end of April and we met with a group to put the final touches on that event.] Check out the new photo album at the top of the right sidebar.

Of course, we saw storm devastation everywhere, but we were pleasantly surprised to also see a lot of rebuilding going on. The Kemah Boardwalk was crowded that evening as about half of the restaurants, shops, and amusements are back up and running. There was a very good Elvis Impersonator performing on the open air stage that is the centerpiece of the plaza.

We were delighted to stay in a little stand-alone (all to ourselves) cottage/B&B, that is newly refurbished after the storm damage - we were the first to stay there as it has just reopened. We'll be returning to that lovely abode for the upcoming reunion weekend.

We took a drive down to Galveston, ate at Joe's Crab Shack, walked along the beach (dipping our toes in the edge of the surf), and then enjoyed a ride on the Bolivar Ferry. Many sad sights, yet a crowd was present there too, and obvious rebuilding is going on.

I know for our friends who are still recovering from their losses this report may sound too cheerful, and we still feel great concern for you and your neighbors and loved ones. But it is good to know that this beautifaul and memorable Gulf Coast area is pulling itself out of the mire and determining to go on. Karla

Larry Smith

Hey Laura...

What are the Bird folks in Galveston saying about the Spring migration this year? It was early last year, and we missed most of it by the time we got down there for some bird watching.

We are planning to take Charlie and Priscilla with us to Galveston for a few days early in April, and we are wondering if we will be able to see any migrants.

We haven't had any Martins so far, but we look for them every day. You never know.

We had two beautiful Wood Ducks light in our pond about two weeks ago. They must have liked my three Mallard decoys. Charleen and I both saw them with binoculars, but they flew before I could get a photo.


Laura McNeil Burns

The height of the spring migration is, of course, April. But I received this note from a birding correspondent just yesterday:

Perhaps the most abundant songbird "migrant" are Yellow-rumped Warblers, with yellow throats in the West (Audubon's) and white throats in the East (Myrtles). Many wintered here and many more are returning, with some males beginning to show signs of breeding plumage. There are also quite a few Orange-crowned Warblers hanging on from winter.

Northern Parulas are getting downright regular each day, Yellow-throated Warblers somewhat so, and the bark-working Black&white Warblers are easily seen on the sparce tree bark of late winter.

RT Hummers are in with force, although they peak in April. Purple Martins are invading the South in numbers, although the western birds are much later migrants.

Some warblers which are yellow (NOT Yellow Warblers!) will appear in the second half of March on the ground, such as Hooded and Kentucky. Also on the ground but near water, will be waterthrushes (still warblers, despite the name). I *just* this moment had a Louisiana Waterthrush (typically a VERY early migrant), and the Northern will get common the second half of March, through early May. Their eye-stripe gets yellower as the spring wears on.

Larry Smith

Wow Laura, Thanks.

We usually spend some time in the back side of the State Park. We always see the Black Shouldered (White Tailed) Kite that nests there, and a few migrants like Baltimore Orioles and scarlet tanagers, various herons and egrets, and sometimes more rare birds.

We also visit Kempner Park, drive over to East Beach and Apfell Park, take the ferry to Bolivar, go about 1.5 miles then over to the beach and back to the Sanctuary on Bolivar Point. Then, if the road is open, we will go to High Island and see what condition the Audibon area is in. We also drive east from the State Park to an area we call Indian Beach where there are some good ponds.

Look forward to seeing some of the migrants that you mentioned.

Remembering Donna Byrd Broussard

[Classmates - I have added a page with more info on this, linked from top of Bio links in far right column - or use this URL - http://milby1960.typepad.com/milby_class_of_1960/donna-byrd-boussard-marinell-roberts-mendoza.html Karla]

Marinell Roberts Mendoza (Milby 1962) sent the following information via e-mail:

"Many of your class will remember Donna Byrd Broussard (she married Joe Broussard from our class). She passed away last September so we are going to honor her. I am one of the founders of The Texas Repertory Theatre in NW Houston and we are starting a show next week..."Steel Magnolias". Milby friends of Donna decided they would honor her by sponsoring the show and attending one of the productions. Donations to sponsor this show have poured in and this is going to be a wonderful production in her honor.

If any of your class want to participate, they can donate or just come to the Sunday 3:00 matinee on April 5. Those that donate will have their name listed in the playbill if they let me know by this Sunday. Also if they donate, they can get in for $10.00 (regular price would be $35.00).

The theatre is located at 14243 Stuebner Airline Road, Houston 77069. The phone number is 281-583-7573 and my cell phone is 713-824-5717 if they want to talk to me about this.

"I know Wally Sisk was at her funeral but I'm not sure if he knows about this. Also, after the show (about 5:00 PM) we are all going out to eat at Gringo's on Cypresswood. If any are interested, we need to know a head count...soon."

Here is a link to the theater webpage http://www.texreptheatre.org/

Glenda Burns Minniece

First to our birder friends - Have you read The Big Year by Mark Obmacik? For those of you who don't know, a big year is an informal contest to see who can see or hear the most species of birds in a single calendar year within specified geographical areas. If you look it up on Wikipedia, you'll see other interesting things about a big year. But the Obmacik book was a fascinating read (to me). One man that the author followed was very wealthy, with time and money to go wherever and whenever he wanted. Another man had modest means; he had a job so could only go on weekends to pursue his dream of a record setting big year.

Second - What a wonderful thing to have the memorial performance for Donna Byrd Broussard. I hope there's a good turnout. As for me, I'm going to be a docent on the Heights home tour that afternoon. If you can't get to NW Houston, come to the Heights.

Laura McNeil Burns

Here is a link of interest and concern for the birders.

Bob Neal

Darryl Roberts and Larry Smith, start pumping those accordions. I noticed your heart breaking stories dated November 14th of having to part with your accordions in search of bluer skies. This reminded me of a business trip to Wisconsin to evaluate a company who manufactured some horrendous heat exchangers for our nuclear plant in Kentucky. I arrived with a couple guys and was told the president was out conducting some private business but would meet me that evening in his private night club.

Sounded good to me! It turns out this guy used to pound the payment in Chicago selling accordion music lessons and ultimately the accordions. Well, the “Music Man” broke his leg and managed his physical therapy at a local bar. Occasionally he would bring in small pizzas to the bar and earn a few bucks. By the time his leg healed, he had started up a pizza company resulting in a significant “Sound of Money”. The pizza company grew and diversified. He bought the manufacturing facility and an excellent nightclub and was planning on a major hotel acquisition in Green Bay since he is a Packers fan. He and his wife were very down to earth people and apologized for not meeting me earlier in the day. It seems he was in town concluding the sale of his pizza business. The new owners of the business, Kraft Food, still sell the pizza and other good stuff under the original name, Tombstone Pizza.

It’s up to you guys. I think there is a future in Texas mail order Bar B Que, Crawfish Gumbo or Jalapeño Peanut Brittle. Good food you can’t find beyond the Lone Star state line. If you don’t like the food business, I’ll tell you about the most amazing one man business I’ve ever encountered with zero cost, no inventory, no risk nor stress realizing a 100% cash flow netting $480,000 per year plus vacation. Not to bad but if you would prefer a 20hr week, income would bring in $240,000 a year. At your age though, you might prefer to hire a full time employee and spend your time giving accordion lessons.

Sonny's Gig Saturday Night

Glenda mentioned in an e-mail that they would be going to hear Sonny Jones' group perform in Kemah on Saturday Night. Woo-eee, I wish we could be there. I coaxed Sonny into providing some info so I could promote the event on the blog. Here is what he sent me:

"Well, the band is "American Boogie". We're playing at "Heads n Tails" (formerly Crawdaddy's) between South Shore Harbor and Kemah on 2094 (Marina Bay Drive). The band starts at 9:00, but if you are planning on dinner, come a little earlier. The seafood is very good with large portions.

Terry Brown has already got a couple of dozen buffs coming out. They've got a crowd that graduated in '61-'62 that have stayed in close contact, and they are an absolute hoot. Anyway, there will be other bisonry present to elevate the intelligence of the crowd.

No scooters or walkers allowed on the dancefloor..... just kidding! If we end up with some photos, I'll get some to you."

OK - you guys and gals who make it to the venue... take some photos and send them to me by e-mail attachment so I can get them on the blog next week. Sounds like a cool album to me - performers and spectators alike!!! Karla

[The event has come and gone, and Glenda sent me some photos - there is now an album at the top of the right sidebar. Check it out! If you attended and have other photos or comments, be sure to send them my way so I can add them to our album.]

Laura McNeil Burns

Had a lightning strike in my backyard last night a little after 6 p.m., about three feet from our back door. The lightning hit a big pecan tree, peeled off the bark on one side and scorched the trunk. Loud as you can imagine, everything went dark, John called 911. He saw smoke, but evidently the rain put the fire out right away. Most of our electronics survived. However, it completely disabled our HVAC system; fortunately, we have fans. Put in an insurance claim this morning. The roof over our laundry room had leaked about a week ago; fortunately, our contracter had come to repair it that very morning.

We had electricians come replace the main switch with a temporary one and they are coming out tomorrow with a permanent one. The blast blew out windows in both houses next door, but we were fortunate not to get any broken windows.

Flood, lightning... I hope rainbows are the next thing in view! But it makes things interesting, gives me something to write about, now that my phone line is back.

Karla Lofgren Davis

Oh, Laura! I am so thankful that you are OK. You always have such a good attitude about the things that happen to you. And I'll be watching for your report of the rainbow in your future! Karla

Karla Lofgren Davis

I couldn't wait to check this out, as folding the bottom sheet has always been a frustration of mine. Well, it was a very entertaining clip - much more than just the sheet "how-to". And as for the sheets, it only confirmed the efficacy of what I have been doing for years. So... that really IS the best way to fold the bottom sheet, huh?!?!?!?!

AND... I have also benefitted from Linda's hint about tidying up and simplifying the use of plastic wrap and foil. Those little fold-down triangles on the ends of the box (which I had never noticed before) are a big help when I grab a roll for a quick cover-up.

Any other cool tips out there? Karla

Karla Lofgen Davis

You may remember me mentioning that I love to follow trackbacks on our blog management site to see who is accessing our blog. Recently I discovered that someone from the Milby Class of 1967 was online with us. They have a website: http://www.milby67.org/
and a blog: http://milby67.wordpress.com/2009/01/25/hello-world/#comment-25
and I have enjoyed e-visiting with their blogmeister.
Check it out and see if you know any of these youngsters - perhaps through your childhood neighborhood, church, or little brother or sister. In any case, it is fun to read their comments - so similar to comments on our blog. Karla

"Little Shop of Horrors"

Check out this link: http://www.texreptheatre.org/
for the promotion info on the latest production of the Texas Repertory Theater, a project close to the heart of Marinell Roberts Mendoza ('62). See also Marinell's bio at http://milby1960.typepad.com/milby_class_of_1960/donna-byrd-boussard-marinell-roberts-mendoza.html


Larry Smith

How is your hand? Hope all repairs were made successfully, and you are recovering. You are in our prayers.

Karla Lofgren Davis

Thanks, Larry! I am doing OK, although there is a tremendous amount of pain between bouts of zoning out with meds.

Here is a link to one site that describes the condition and the fix: http://www.handuniversity.com/topics.asp?Topic_ID=24

My condition is the degenerative type, caused by living many years and overusing that appendage - like crafting and picking up kids under the arms. I have bone on bone pain in both thumbs, but the left is worse and will be the first fix.

My fix is the type using my own tendon to construct a new joint - sounds incredible to me, but I know several who have had it with great results. Much rehab before I get there, though.

Thanks for caring and thanks for your continued prayers! Karla

Sonny Jones

Hey girlfriend,
Just wanted to stop by and say you're getting prayed for. We're rooting for you and hope the recovery time passes swiftly. You've brought an awful lot of happiness to your fellow grads and other classes as well. The blog is wonderful and you're the reason. Thanks again for all your hard work.
Your pal,

Larry Bass

Please know that all of our prayers are with you and your family during your time of recovery. Good to hear the surgery went well.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


[Thanks, all! KD]

John Echoff

Karla, hope the surgery does not affect your ability to hold a knife and fork today! Happy Thanksgiving to all my wonderful friends-and those not so wonderful, also...

God Bless you all and keep you safe!

Ed Davis

Well John, Karla did manage to work those utensils well enough to enjoy the turkey and all the trimmings, but I must admit I had to help her out by cutting up her turkey meat. Gasp! Is that a vision of things to come?

In addition, I had to do the cooking that my lovely wife usually does. I gotta tell you it is harder than it looks. Fortunately, Karla was always nearby so I had some great "back-seat driving" for the cooking experience. I think it turned out OK, but nothing will replace the "good eats" that Karla always has provided. Wait until next year is all I can say!!

We had a great family time and are hopeful that all of you had the same. Now, onward and upward to Christmas and all the joy it brings.

Ann Herman Beatty's Knee Replacement

Please use the URL below to access and read information about Ann's recent surgery. An encouraging word from you - here on the blog or by e-mail - would be helpful to her I am sure! Karla


Karla Lofgren Davis

Marinell Roberts Mendoza sent a link to the Christmas production - "Miracle on 34th St." - that is currently playing at the Texas Repertory Theater. The link is right up at the top of the main post.

Marinell (Milby '62) is enthusiastically involved with this group. Let us know if you take in a performance. Give us a review! Karla

Brenda Collins Burnett

I graduated from Western Kentucky University on May 15! just a few years late, but it felt wonderful. My degree is in English with emphasis on Creative Writing.

[Congratulations, Brenda! You are an inspiration to us all to to continue to pursue our dreams!!! Karla]

Mike Roberts

Hi Gang, congrats Brenda on having the wherewithall to follow your dream to completion !
Can anyone tell me why these big ole hawks are hanging around my neighborhood ? I've been noticing them for the last couple weeks, they land on my fences on either side of my lot and the smaller birds seem to keep bothering them. What could they be doing ? Must be four or five around here on any given day. I notice them in early morning and then again in the evening.

My neighbor said he saw one flailing in a ditch along the road and stopped to see why. Turned out the hawk had a snake and was evidently killing it.

Perhaps some of the bird watchers on " OUR BLOG " could enlighten me as to why they are hanging around. I noticed them hanging on a high electrical tower a while back, thought that was normal and now they are staying low to the ground, is there a good reason for this behavior ?

You know, now that I think about it , I have not seen the little squirrels running around lately, you don't think, hmmmmmmm.

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Destination Kenney (AKA Sheila's TAG SALE) 2008

  • G - A Gathering of the Herd
    The idea is conceived, the adventure ensues, the saga unfolds... On 5/9/2008, Sheila Steele Howard sent an e-mail to this blogmeister, inquiring about the possibility of advertising a TAG SALE that was to be held in the Ag Hall in Kenney, Texas on June 6 & 7. Click on this title or image to view more on this topic. Then click on the thumbnail of each photo to view the enlarged picture.

On the Road with John and Linn, June 2008

  • A - John and Linn, "Partners" on the Road
    John and Linn Echoff recently returned from a 3492 mile road trip, taking time to “smell the roses” throughout the heartland of America. Click on this title or image to view some of the sights they saw and to read John’s narrative. Then click on the thumbnail of each photo to view the enlarged picture.

Travel with Gladys

  • O - Versailles
    "Bo and I have been blessed to travel to a lot of different countries over the last 17 years. What a joy to see so many of the beautiful places in this world." Click on this title to see the places in the world that Gladys Payne Bohac has been privileged to visit. Once inside the album, click on each thumbnail for an enlarged view and the accompanying narrative.

"Holiday Expressions", Charlotte and Gladys (2007)

  • "Razzle Dazzle Red"
    Charlotte Vann Casselberry Dew and Gladys Payne Bohac create beautiful Christmas decorations and gifts and sell them through their business, "Holiday Expressions". Click on the title or thumbnail to open the album. Once in, click on each thumbnail to see an enlarged view of some of their creations and to read other information about their business.

Karla's Projects

  • AD - Kaleidoscope of Ryan
    My sense of personal fulfillment seems to be somewhat dependent on having a creative project in progress. My projects seldom conform to anything seen in hobby shops or magazines. They are, however, creative, and they are all mine! Double click on this title to open. Inside, double click on any thumbnail to see an enlarged image and read about the project. (Then - as always - send me your stuff so I can create a project photo album on the blog for YOU!)

Ken Corey - Our Man in Macedonia, 2008

  • 01 - Ken Corey on the "Boardwalk" in Macedonia
    Ken Corey and his wife Carole spent a few years in the beautiful city of Skopje, Macedonia while Ken managed a building project. Let's view this part of the world through their eyes and experiences! To open this album, click on the title or the photo. Once inside, be sure to click on thumbnails to view larger images and read narrative.

Paul Schrader's Gorilla Trek, July 2007

  • A Bit of Paul's Bio
    Paul Schrader and his wife, Carolyn, recently (July 2007) returned from a trip to Africa during which they were privileged to engage in a trek to view the mountain gorillas of Uganda . Click on this album title to view the pictures and read Paul's commentary. When viewing the photos, click on the thumbnails for an enlarged image.

Christmas 2007 Photo Album

  • P - Larry Smith Family, Christmas 2007
    Let's share the photos that we took at Thanksgiving or over the Christmas Holidays this year (2007). Click on this title or thumbnail to open this album. Then, as you look at each image, double click on the thumbnail for an enlarged view.

Elementary Class Photos

  • Immaculate Conception Catholic School
    These will take you WAY BACK! Here are photos from our elementary school classes. (Click on album title to open. Once inside the album, click on individual thumbnails to view larger images.) If you can supply more info or other photos, contact your blogmeister. ([email protected])

Photos from Deady Junior High

  • Deady Band - Our 8th Grade Year
    For most of us, this age was pretty awkward as we were continually changing in every way. But it was an exciting time too, as we met and made new friends from the other elementary schools that fed into Deady. See if you recognize the Milby 1960 graduates among these smiling faces. (Click on album title to open. Once inside the album, click on individual thumbnails to view larger images.) Submit other photos or information to your blogmeister. [email protected]

Various Milby Era Photos (1957-60)

  • Austin 1961
    Our Milby Buffalo yearbooks contain many photographs that serve as the basis for memories of our days at Milby. Some of us have other photos of various activities and events during the years we were in high school that were not in the Buffalo. This album contains photos that fit in that category. (Click on album title to open. Once inside the album, click on individual thumbnails to view larger images.) Send your photos and info to your blogmeister. [email protected]

1958 Carats Program

  • '58 Carats Program Cover
    We all have memories of various plays and programs participated in or attended during our high school days. Here are some photos of the 1958 Carats Program to embellish those memories. (Click on album title to open. Once inside the album, click on individual thumbnails to view larger images.)

1959 Carats Program

  • '59 Carats Cover
    We all have memories of various plays and programs participated in or attended during our high school days. Here are some photos of the 1959 Carats Program to embellish those memories. (Click on album title to open. Once inside the album, click on individual thumbnails to view larger images.)

1960 Carats Program

  • '60 Carats Show Cover
    We all have memories of various plays and programs participated in or attended during our high school days. Here are some photos of the 1960 Carats Program to embellish those memories. (Click on album title to open. Once inside the album, click on individual thumbnails to view larger images.)

Milby Kaleidoscope Programs

  • Kaleidoscope Stars, 1959
    We all have memories of various plays and programs participated in or attended during our high school days. Here are some photos from the Plainsman produced Kaleidoscope Program to embellish those memories. (Click on album title to open. Once inside the album, click on individual thumbnails to view larger images.) Please send any related photos that you have to add to this collection. [email protected]

Milby Drama Department Productions

  • "The Good Hope", Stage 59
    We all have memories of various plays and programs participated in or attended during our high school days. Here are some photos from various productions and activities related to the Milby Drama Department to embellish those memories. (Click on album title to open. Once inside the album, click on individual thumbnails to view larger images.) Please send any related photos that you have to add to this collection. [email protected]
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