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November 22, 2007


Mike Roberts

Hi Karla, you have a magnificent art with a pen. The relics in your photo ( wooden blocks )do prompt memory. I could sense the feelings you have for every image there. Have you ever attempted writing a book?

I so enjoy reading these posts, just can't get enough. Thanks

This Blog IS My Book!!!

This blog IS my book, I think. I do enjoy writing but would never attempt a real book, would never have an audience for it. Thanks so much for the compliment, Mike. I like your writing style, too!!! Keep those comments coming!!! Karla

John Echoff

Thanksgiving Eve: As I sit in my office and supervise the processing of some of the fine examples of the evolutionary process (like the 18yr old, charged with murder of a cab driver) and reflect upon the Thanksgivings of the past. You remember when your mom was up all hours of the night to make sure the turkey was just right. The arrival of friends and relatives, the gigantic amounts of food served and consumed. Of course immediately after the meal it was time for the football game of all football games-the annual clash of Texas A&M and the University of Texas.

How warmly I remember those wonderful days. If only we knew then what really lay ahead, I wonder how many of us would want to change something from those memories...

John Echoff

As I drove in to work tonight, I diverted from the Freeway and drove thru "Downtown". I marveled at the changes that have taken place since we were young, new skyscrapers everywhere. I decided to look for the old Conoco Oil Co. Bldg-remember the "Weather Eye"? Well, the bldg. is still there but the "Weather Eye" is long gone. I can recall sitting in one of our classes at Deady and being able to see the "Weather Eye" from there, now it's hard to see the bldg. from 2 blocks away. Gone also is the original location of "James' Coney Island". So when those of you living out of town come in for the 50th, don't count on the old landmarks.

Mike Roberts

Hi John, correct me if I am wrong as to the prices, but my Mom and Dad would take me and my older brother to " The Metropolitan " for a movie and then to " James Coney Island " for hotdogs and a big " Nehi " before catching the " Lawndale " city bus and head for home. As I recall you could get hotdogs @ 5 for a buck and the " Nehi " was $.05 or $.10. The bus ride was a dime for us youngsters. Am I close to being right?

Karla Lofgren Davis

I remember those bus rides from Park Place to downtown Houston and the hot dogs at James Coney Island. I think there was an upstairs part that was a balcony over the main floor. Is that right? Fascinating, these memories! Do you realize we sound like OLD FOLKS?!?!?!?!?!

Sheila Steele Howard

The weather eye song:
Red light, warmer weather.
White light, cooler weather.
Green light, no change in view.
Blinking light, rain is due.
And I have trouble remembering my phone number sometimes. Would someone tell me where and what building was downtown and it straddled the road? You could drive through it.

Mike Roberts

Hi Sheila, seems I remember a building that straddled a street downtown but can not for the life of me remember exactly where it was. I know that St. Joe Hosp. had a walk over between buildings but seems there were more than 1 of those. Maybe someone will help us remember.

Paul Schrader

Hi Sheila

Was the building on the north side of town? I remember a building like that called the M & M Building I think??

Didn't your family have a great old two story home on the Old Galveston Highway?

Hope all is well with you.

John Echoff

Mike, your hot dog prices are right-on, I think the price for the movie was 9 cents (under 12), and the drinks & popcorn were a nickle. Shelia, the M&M bldg was/is beside the bayou bridge on Main St., it's now UofH Downtown. And Shelia, if I remember correctly, didn't you live on the corner of Broadway & Detroit, or was that someone else? Isn't all this memory searching fun?

Sheila Howard

We lived on Old Galveston Rd. across from Texas Pipe Bending Co.
in a one story red brick house that I think is still there. I did the Google Earth thing to check out the old neighborhoods. Interesting.
M & M building it is. Can traffic still go through? I think train tracks went through too.

Mike Roberts

Thanks for the heads up John, I never had to worry about how much tickets cost when I went with my folks but I remember the Saturday fun club at the " Kirby " was $.09, we did that for a while, then we graduated to the Saturday fun club at the " Avalon " on 75th @ Lawndale, we could walk there.
It was also $.09 . It began at 9 AM and after a movie, serial and numerous cartoons we would stay for a double feature, news reel and more cartoons. We exited the theatre @ 5 PM and walked down 75th to the " Mason Park " pool for the 6 PM - 10 PM session and swam till closing at which time we would stop at the snack bar for a "Frozen Snicker".

WOULD YOU BELIEVE, we did all this on Saturday with our $.35 allowance? Weren't those " The Good Ole Days ?

Oh yeah, the Snicker must have cost $.10 because we could opt for a bus ride home or walk and eat our " frozen Snicker " ! !

Karla Lofgren Davis

What fun to listen to (and interact with) all of you!!! All day yesterday and today - whilst going about my duties at work - I have found myself reliving those bus rides to downtown Houston, movies at the ornate Metropolitan/Majestic/Loew's Theatres, Coney Island hot dogs, etc.

I remember the first time Mother took me to James' Coney Island. It was just the two of us and she told me that when she was a young woman (a "career girl") working at Levy's in downtown Houston, she and her friends always ate there. I somehow conjured up a glorified picture of Mother and her buddies that has stayed with me all of these years. Somehow she seemed more glamourous to me after that. (for eating hot dogs???)

Sheila, I remember your house and actually saw it a few years ago when traveling out that way due to construction detours. Of course, a lot of light industry has built up in that area, but the house still looks elegant. I thought it was a very special house and remember several parties there. Your mother was a very gracious lady.

Didn't Linda Robinson live next to you? Do you keep in touch with her? I saw her very briefly at the 25th reunion. We were only at the reunion for the lunch at the school and for the large group photo. We passed and spoke while trying to get lined up for the photo, but I didn't see her again after that. Wish I had. Karla

John Echoff

Since we are reminiscing 'bout the old days and James' Coney Island... I remember when fresh out of the Marines, I was pounding pavement looking for a job and it was close to lunch time. I entered James' and to my amazement there in line was "Silver Dollar" Jim West, one of the founding partners of Humble Oil, handing out a silver dollar to each of the workers in the serving line and he was accompanied by his close friend "Tex" Trammel, founder of the Houston Natural Gas Co. And there I stood counting my coins to see if I could pay for two or three Hot Dogs.

Bob Neal

Karla – Just happened to notice that your question of Dec. 11th remains unanswered concerning the physical layout of James Coney Island. I won’t discriminate as to which one since there is only one as far as I’m concerned. As you entered a glass front facility, the Coney prep area was on the left side behind a stainless steel see thru work area. Doggy buns were stacked against the wall waiting for human dynamos to slam them down on narrow stainless trays and immediately stuffed in a dog loaded with onions. No concern with gloves, paper, eat in or take out. It was a slam, bam thank you process. By the time you hollered out the number you wanted, yes, no or with chili they were already processed and on an oval plate in the hands of a guy asking if you wanted chips and what to drink. Fifty cents or a dollar later you were eying the old oak right armed school desk along the opposing wall as a place to sit or heading up the stairs to a dining area open to the circus of service, expediency and continuity below. Houston was the nation’s birth place of the covered mall, domed stadium, mono-rail system out by Playland Park, multi block modern apartment units, the Yellow Page cover with Tabby and her kittens and other such critters and I suppose, the term “fast food”. Whether you rode the Park Place, Harrisburg, Shuttle or Lawndale bus into town, they all brought you within a couple blocks of James Coney Island. An adventure to the Majestic Theater, Woolworths and Foleys followed by four fresh bun onion smothered Coneys made for a great Saturday in preparation of dancing the night away at Milby Park. This was one of the greats being raised in Houston during the ‘50’s.

Karla Lofgren Davis

Hi, Bob!

What a great description of James Coney Island (your high school English teacher would be so proud of you!). That is exactly the way I remember the place. As you walked us through each turn I could anticipate your next description and BINGO, you confirmed my memory. What a fun experience, reading your post.

Have you seen the new page entitled "The Streets Where We Lived"? I have a lot of work to do still, gathering comments from all over the blog of classmate's shennanigans on the streets of Park Place, Meadowbrook, Harrisburg, Pecan Park, etc. I am also hoping for new comments as we bounce our memories off each other. I'll bet you have a lot to add. Karla

Mike Roberts

Wow Bob, you nailed it ! I could not add anything to your colorful desciption of an historical place in OUR TOWNS history ! Ummm, maybe a couple things that were my favorites of all time, being the smell of hot buns and the most delicious chili of our time. One could but enter the front door and begin to taste the memory of the last time you were favored by a visit to the James Brothers establishment !

Oh yeah, I think you were refering to the Teen Canteen which was held at The Mason Park gymnasium, heh . Please correct me if my memory bank is a little off kilter.

John Echoff

The cover of the old Yellow Pages was always an exercise in observation to see how many weird and/or comical things the artist had incorporated into the latest cover. One of my favorites was probably one of the last ones. It featured the Astrodome with an assortment of different objects on the parking lot (covered wagons, space ship, cowboys), and as always hidden items in the background (skyline, just whereever he could hide something in plain view). Maybe if "Ma Bell" brought those covers back they might generate a little more interest in "Our Town". Anyone have one of those old covers?

[Karla here, feeling foolish and deprived. Or maybe just another reminder of how poor my memory has become. But I thought the long term memory wasn't so much the problem as was the last few ...what were we talking about??? Oh, yeah! All I remember is the big fingers walking across the cover. Maybe it was a Houston thing - since the landmarks you mention are local to Houston. Since high school we have lived away from Houston all but '68 to '77. If you find one of those old covers, take a picture and send it to me. I want to play the game, too!]

Bob Neal

Just found the following.

Pull up the following link concerning the Yellow Pages cover.


[Karla again - WOW - this stuff is fascinating - really. Be sure to go to Bob's link and follow it clear down the page - many, many segments and much information, and even some pictures of the covers.

John, you really started something, and Bob you really continued it along. And now I don't feel so bad about not remembering this because it was mostly in the years I was long gone (Colorado, Libya, Indiana, and Wyoming).They didn't have such fascinating covers on their yellow pages!) ]

Charles Simmons

Last night, Hilda and I were eating some delicious watermelon while the temperature baked outside here in North Texas. I asked her if she remembered the watermelon stands in Houston. There was one at the intersection of Evergreen St. and Lawndale. An old dilapidated roofed building covered white painted tables with benches placed on a sawdust covered floor. One could pick out their watermelon either cold or hot. It turned into a Christmas tree lot during December.

We lived at the corner of Evergreen and Mossrose and frequented this place in the summer and bought Christmas trees in the winter.

Any other memories of watermelon stands out there? Seems like there was one on Telephone Rd.

Mike Roberts

Charles, I remember that watermellon stand also. My family would make a special trip there on some hot evenings for a feast of ICE COLD MELON. You could just let the seeds fall to the floor/ground, as the sawdust would act as a sponge and was easily swept up and changed. 'Tis much like the peanut shells one finds at The Texas Roadhouse of today.

Karla Lofgren Davis

My greatest memory of watermelon eating is sloshing through wash-tub-iced melons with juices dripping from my elbows and down my chin - in our big old backyard on Broadway or at family reunions at my grandparents' farm in Moscow (near Corrigan). We didn't have air conditioning at either place, so sitting outside in the sultry heat didn't feel all that bad.

As far as memories of where we got them, I remember roadside stands on the way to or from somewhere outside Houston. The most memorable venue was the series of stands on the old Hempstead Highway, coming from or returning to Baylor.

Of course, more recent memories involve trips to the grocery store and neatly cut slices that can be eaten at the dining table without making a mess. Precisely cut melon balls in a well-carved, fancy watermelon rind bowl even make it to the serving table at a refined luncheon at home or church. Nowadays we enjoy the seedless varieties - but that ain't REAL watermelon eatin'!

By the way, on the "Link to the Gulf" post, there was a recent comment from Cynthia Freeman. After searching my brain, yearbook, and various lists and still not finding a Cynthia, I wrote an e-mail to her to see how she related to our blog. Here is her answer:

"Hi, Karla - No, I'm not a Milby graduate. I lived on that side of town in Forest Oaks until I started 6th grade, and then we moved out to Cypress. Some of my neighbors from back then might have been in your class -- Jerry Jasper? Nelson Pruett? Bobbie Jean Graham? Anyway, I graduated from Cy-Fair in '68. I was actually googling for the Thunderbird drive-in on Old Galveston Road, and your blog was the only place I could find mention of it on the web.

I'm in the middle of making a combination family cookbook/memory book - and while my mother wasn't a great cook, our picnics to Galveston and stops at the Thunderbird on the way back are some of my favorite memories. I was hoping to find a photo of the place, although I know the chances are very slim. I didn't mean to crash your blog, but I got so excited that someone else remembered the Thunderbird. I love your blog, by the way -- even though I didn't go to Milby, I have fond memories of some of the same places from back then. Cynthia"

Of course, I welcomed Cynthia, encouraged her to come again, and assured her we'd try to find a photo of the Thunderbird for her. Anyone??? KD

Mike Roberts

Hi Karla, I am always interested in any contribution to the blog and I would welcome Cynthias visit and probing question as well. It bodes well for your creation that people can reach us through it and touch on our memories with their own as well as contribute to conversation. I would welcome most any enthusiastic participant with tales of the "GOOD OLE DAYS".

Thanks Cynthia, I hope someone has a picture of the old " THUNDERBIRD " that Karla can install here, and you return regularly as I do !

Charles Simmons


You're the only one I've ever known that mentioned the name Moscow, TX. You said there was a family farm there. Moscow is in Polk County where Hilda grew up. Proceeding south on US-59 from Moscow you pass through Seven Oaks and then Leggett before reaching Livingston. All of Hilda's parents and relatives are buried in Leggett. Hilda grew up on a ranch right on US-59 just north of Livingston. You had to pass right by it on your way to Moscow. She lived in a large, rambling house to the left of the highway that had a big "H" on the chimney. That stood for Hogue. The Hogue's were all over Polk county. That's where Hilda acquired her unique Texas accent. I could listen to it for hours! Thanks for evoking wonderful memories.

[Note from Karla - I know Leggett very well - have driven past the house you describe many times. My mother grew up all over that countryside - hers was the Dudley family. Small world! Dad - who came from Illinois - always teased mother as we approached Moscow - "Oh, she's looking happy now - we're approaching "God's Country"! And Mama and Daddy are buried near there in a piney woods family cemetery. We hope to be buried there as well. KD]

bob neal

I was rummaging through the plethora in my PC Documents and noticed the following which I wrote prior to our having a Milby blog. Just a simple"Remembrance Of Things Past" but never to be forgotten.

Broken Heart

To my recollection, and my recollector is fuzzy now days, it snowed around Valentine’s Day in our senior year. The snow was sufficient to construct a Valentines heart ~ 4 foot tall. After rolling a number of snow balls across the yard I managed to stack them, fill in the voids and carve a recognizable heart. With exuberance I proceeded in having my true love come over. It was right at that moment my next door neighbor, John Danielson, came home and tackled the heart leaving nothing but a yard which now looked like a checker board with a lump. John was a great friend so we proceeded on having snow ball fights. As for the heart, easy come and easy go. My true love did come by and became the target of snow balls from John and me.
John is now gone and I am the only person that saw the masterpiece. We all have memories that may soon be lost unless someday a blog will be printed capturing the thoughts of Milby 1960.

Karla Lofgren Davis

Oh what a beautiful piece!!! My face - and my heart - broke out in a wide smile and sentimental tears came to my eyes as I pictured that long-ago time of youthful romance. What especially moved me was reading how quickly the romantic urge changed to pure boyish rough and tumble fun. Thanks for sharing this with us, Bob!!!

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  • Austin 1961
    Our Milby Buffalo yearbooks contain many photographs that serve as the basis for memories of our days at Milby. Some of us have other photos of various activities and events during the years we were in high school that were not in the Buffalo. This album contains photos that fit in that category. (Click on album title to open. Once inside the album, click on individual thumbnails to view larger images.) Send your photos and info to your blogmeister. [email protected]

1958 Carats Program

  • '58 Carats Program Cover
    We all have memories of various plays and programs participated in or attended during our high school days. Here are some photos of the 1958 Carats Program to embellish those memories. (Click on album title to open. Once inside the album, click on individual thumbnails to view larger images.)

1959 Carats Program

  • '59 Carats Cover
    We all have memories of various plays and programs participated in or attended during our high school days. Here are some photos of the 1959 Carats Program to embellish those memories. (Click on album title to open. Once inside the album, click on individual thumbnails to view larger images.)

1960 Carats Program

  • '60 Carats Show Cover
    We all have memories of various plays and programs participated in or attended during our high school days. Here are some photos of the 1960 Carats Program to embellish those memories. (Click on album title to open. Once inside the album, click on individual thumbnails to view larger images.)

Milby Kaleidoscope Programs

  • Kaleidoscope Stars, 1959
    We all have memories of various plays and programs participated in or attended during our high school days. Here are some photos from the Plainsman produced Kaleidoscope Program to embellish those memories. (Click on album title to open. Once inside the album, click on individual thumbnails to view larger images.) Please send any related photos that you have to add to this collection. [email protected]

Milby Drama Department Productions

  • "The Good Hope", Stage 59
    We all have memories of various plays and programs participated in or attended during our high school days. Here are some photos from various productions and activities related to the Milby Drama Department to embellish those memories. (Click on album title to open. Once inside the album, click on individual thumbnails to view larger images.) Please send any related photos that you have to add to this collection. [email protected]
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