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March 31, 2008


John Echoff

Hey Linda, great message, what a wonderful story for this time of year-perhaps the most depressing time for many people. Words alone can't describe the pride I have for my childhood friend and classmate.

Herbert Johns

Well, I guess there were two teachers that influenced me. Mrs. Harris, my English teacher (God bless her for putting up with me) and she told me that if I didn't sleep in class so much I could do so much better. She was right; like Linda Little Strickland, English was a tremendous struggle after my SATs to get into college at 50 years old ( I graduated in 1999).

Mrs. Strickland (D.E. teacher) influenced me most I guess because she showed me so much support outside of school - with my work, as well encouraged me in my business of branding cattle and breaking wild horses for people. She even came to Humble one time and watched me work on a Saturday.

Both of them continually told me that I could succeed in anything that I set my mind toward accomplishing. I guess they saw something in me and they were right. I had a successful marriage (at least 23 years anyway) with a daughter that is a buyer for a chemical company and my son is a W. O. I. in the U. S. Marine Corp. I worked my way up from a sub carrier/clerk in the US Post Office and became Postmaster. I became a Teacher after retirement from the Postal Service. Retiring from teaching May, 2007 to run the roads and see our Great State of Texas.

Gladys M. (Payne) Bohac

Hi Linda: I second and third your story, it is fantastic to see where you have been and then where you are today. Your life has been very fulfilled in many ways. Isn't it great to look back and remember the ones that have influenced our lives. I was in Mr. McWhirter's homeroom and remember our daily devotions and prayers before we went to first period. That meant so much to me. He was a dear, dear, man and I will always remember him and his sweet smile and gentle spirit. Again, thank you for sharing your life with your classmates of 1960.

Gladys Payne Bohac

Linda Little Strickland

Gladys, I have enjoyed viewing the beautiful Christmas Projects and reading about all the work you girls put into your projects.
The same Milby spirit I remember our classmates projected as the school activities were presented.
We had a great school in our day.

Gladys M. (Payne) Bohac

I was jogging my memory about my earlier years, many, many, many years ago, smile. I remember three of my teachers at Harris Elementary. One of my all time favorites was Mrs. Cook, my 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Thornton, 2nd grade and Mrs. Boykin, 6th grade. I will have to send in our class pictures when I find them.

Billie T. Young

Linda, thank you for sharing your heart with us. What an awesome testimony to the Faithfulness & Love of our Daddy God Who wants the very best for His children. Jer. 29:11 (Amp.) comes to mind: "For I know the thoughts & plans that I have for you, says the Lord, thoughts & plans for welfare & peace, & not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome."

Mr. McWhirter was truly a kind & sensitive man, as well as a great teacher & encourager.

Mr. Eugene L. Seastrand was also like that & was a great influence in my life. It's amazing how we were so blessed to have teachers who believed in us & could draw things out of us we never knew were in there. Having been in the band & orchestra in Deady & Milby, the only instrument I knew was the piano. "However," Mr. Seastrand stretched & challenged me to learn more. Not knowing any different, when he'd say, "Play the stringed bass today; we're short one", I played it. Color me surprised! Of course it was on one level & I was on another to be able to reach the thing, but...we got 'er done. Kettle drum? You've got to be kidding! Slide my foot in that thing to change the pitch & keep hitting those drum heads? My arms are tired! Play the lyre & march at the same time? Hit the right notes & dodge those things the horses in front of us left behind, keep in step & in line all at the same time? Play the xylophone? What happened to the piano? Thank God he never asked me to play the tuba!

Ray Prichard

My favorite teacher was Mrs Bingham, who taught English. I had her for four semesters, through all of 11th and 12 grades. She made the grammar classes challenging and the literatture classes exciting.

We read Chaucer's Canterbury Tales in 12th grade and each of us had to memorize and recite the passage from one of the "travelers going to Canterbury". I recited Chanticler, the rooster and was so proud that I got it correct. Then Carolyn McSwain got up and recited her segment, I forget which character she chose, but I will never forget that Carolyn recited it in Olde English. It was like listening to a foreign language and it was wonderful.

In grammar classes, we had to diagram sentences on the chalkboard. Talk about learning sentence structure. My baby brother Jim graduated from Klein High School in 1978 and never had to diagram a sentence.

The first and only book report my brother had to complete at Klein High was in his senior year. Mrs Bingham had us do at least three book reports per semester in literature classes, plus we had to write a term paper.

I remember she had a son who was also in the class of 1960, at Austin High. Sadly I learned at one of our reunions that Mrs Bingham and her husband died in a murder, suicide crime a few years later. I can not remember which of them did what but I nearly cried to hear of such a sad end to a wonderful and inspiring teacher.

Laura McNeil Burns

Well, I can start "at the top" with W.I. Stevenson. He was principal when my mother went there in the 1920s. The first time I ever saw him was when my cousin Kelly graduated from Milby. It was my first time at a high school graduation -- I was 8 or 9, I think -- and I did not know what to expect.

I looked at the program I was given, and didn't see Kelly's name there. Was he not really graduating, after all? My mother and aunts were murmuring to each other that Kelly's name wasn't on the list. The program began. My cousin was president of the senior class and I could see him on the stage with all the dignitaries. Mr. Stevenson began speaking. The only thing I remember him saying was, "And Kelly's not
going to graduate." Kelly and the audience all started laughing, so I began to feel a little better, but I was not completely relieved until the name "Harrison Kelly Sims" was read out, and my cousin crossed over to receive his diploma.

My memories of Mr. Stevenson from high school are fairly vague. I suppose he concentrated on administration and left most of the interaction with students to the personable Roscoe Bayless. The W.I. Stevenson Middle School in Houston is named for our principal and they have a biography posted at:


Karla adds: You can hi-lite this address, poise the arrow over the address and right-click/copy, then right-click/paste this address into the address space at the top of your screen and go to the website referenced here.

Or, you can click on the link to the W. I. Stevenson web page that is listed further down in the right sidebar with other web page links.

Note: You may remember that Mr. Stevenson was the first principal at Milby, opening the school in 1925, and that he retired after our senior year. That means that when we were at Milby, Mr. Stevenson was the only principal that Milby had ever had. That's truly amazing! It is his profile that appears on the front of our Senior Annual. KD

Dave Claridge

After reading Ray Pritchard's comment I had to chime in about Mrs. Bingham. I don't remember many of the teachers I had (probably would remember more if I saw names or had a record of my high school classes and teachers). But I remember Mrs. Bingham very distinctly. She was as I remember, a very kind person and very patient (a pre-requisite for teaching, especially in hight school!). As always, I sat somewhere near the middle or back of the room, which I think was a "temporary" room not in the main building. Unfortunately, one of the times I remember most was when she was once reduced to tears when several students continued such disruptive behavior that it essentially cancelled out the class. I don't recall that she found it very easy to deal with difficult kids. But I always enjoyed her class and am sorry to hear about such a tragic end for her. But she still lives on in my memory as one of the best teachers at Milby and someone I'll always remember fondly. It might be nice to find out if she had children or grandchildren to who we could send our remembrances.


my friend vern also went to high school with kt oslin. do you remember her?

In Response to Mom42

(to fellow milby1960 blogsters: since mom42 gave her URL in the comment space, you can click on her name above and link directly to her website. Cool, huh?)

In response to mom42: I enjoyed tracking back to your blog page. I'd love to answer your question re vern and kt oslin, but need more information. The folks who people this blog are all senior citizens - and, yes, kt oslin was one of us some 48 years ago. We knew her as Kay Oslin and she was a real "drama mama" in high school - very entertaining, although I do not ever recall hearing her sing. If you open the last photo album on our blog (bottom of right sidebar) entitled Milby Drama Productions, you will see that Kay was featured on the cover of this particular play program. She starred in many of our drama department productions.

I don't recall anyone in our class who was named Vern, but if you can tell us a full name it may jog the old (VERY old) brain cells. FYI: Kay attended our 45th reunion and we were very proud to have her in our midst once again. signed: Karla Lofgren Davis, Milby Class of 1960 (blogmeister of this project)

The Pig Lady

Do any of you remember Miss Nanette Barcus, a Spanish teacher at Milby? She called herself "The Pig Lady" (with a twinkle in her eye) because she had a monstrous collection of pigs - ceramic, wooden, pottery, plastic, glass, etc - displayed all over her room - even on the window ledges. She used the immersion method for the most part (speaking only Spanish to the class) and the first year it scared me to death. After that I knew enough to "get the gist" when she started rattling off instruction to us in Spanish.

I was in Spanish classes for two years at Milby and two years at Baylor, and made mostly "A"s. Unfortunately I didn't use the skill much for the next 30 years and lost a lot of the mechanics as well as a lot of the vocabulary.

Now I have great need for that linguistic skill. I teach in a school where many of the students and their parents speak only Spanish. I administer the Federal Title programs at my school and am responsible for assuring that all written materials are available in Spanish, as well as providing for translators for conferences and programs. Of course, I have to secure a translator as I cannot do the translating myself. I understand much of what they say to me - just struggle to answer them without completely showing my ignorance. And my experiences in Miss Barcus's class enable me to empathize with these families - I know how it feels to be in an environment where I do not know the language.

The other thing that I especially remember from Miss Barcus is that she either translated our names into Spanish equivalents (Paul was Pablo, etc.) or pronounced our English names with the Spanish phonetical expression. The one that stands out in my mind is Guy Mason, who became "Gooey" in Miss Barcus's class. I cannot see the name Guy without pronouncing it that way. Sorry, Guy! Karla Lofgren Davis

Laura McNeil Burns

I've had occasion to help or assist Spanish-speaking people until I've been able to turn over the task to someone who is really bilingual. So I am really glad I studied Spanish, though I can't say I really "speak" it.

And yes, I learned a lot of it from Miss Barkus. I always looked forward to how she had the pigs arranged on her desk -- to mark different holidays and school events, they would be doing different things.

John Echoff

I think we all have our favorites when it comes to our teachers; Miss Fannie Harrell, the personification of the "Old Maid" (no disrespect intended) school teacher, she was a delight; Mr Neimi and the whole drama club thing; M/Sgt Idecker, the ROTC advisor with his chest full of WWII/Korean War medals; but none had the charisma of Mr. Bayless, the Vice Principal. He was probably the most laid back administrator for a high school that ever graced the hallways. He knew which kids needed the little "extra attention" that so many of us deserved, myself included.

It was a real "honor" that, years later, he still remembered my name! I still feel the embarassment when he called me by name when we met years after I graduated. He was a very kind, gentle man that could really swing a paddle-whoooo! I can still see him standing in the hallway as all the students streamed by between classes and he spotted me in the group, acknowledging my presence by calling me by name. Well, maybe that's not such an honor after all...

Ann Herman Beatty

I think the teacher who influenced me most was Mrs. Englin. I was also in her homeroom my senior year and possibly my junior year. That made it nice as English was first period and I did not have to leave homeroom and go to another class. I remember being called to the Dean's office telling me I was recommended after having not passing a six weeks test. Mr. Parker must have had an off day then.

Mrs. Englin made me believe in myself. Believe it or not, I used to write so tersely that she had a hard time getting words out of me and on paper. At times I wish I had that ability again as I can go on and on. What I learned from Mrs. Englin also helped when I went to college and scored high enough on the entrance testing (taken at college) that I was placed in a World Literature class that ended up using "great" literature as a spring board to write a thousand word short story or theme based any way from the book. I do not recall ever reading the books (there were 9) and the seniors in the class had it in one semester and we as fish had it in two. That helped my GPA. Wish now I had the Freshman English course in college, as so much of my grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. is GONE. She was even kind enough to hold a brunch for the Honor's (or whatever it was called then) class during Christmas Holidays.

I also remember Señor Gooey Mason in class. Also remember in my sophomore year some of the class actually got her a live piglet. Have no clue to what happened to the poor critter. Probably went to the Ag. department. Ann Herman Beatty

Rita Beeler Robinson

Kay Burg,
Just wanted to let you know that I have good memories of you while at Southmayd, Deady, and Milby. We were in Coeds and served on the school paper together. My Mom was a very active photographer while I was in school. It is good to hear you are doing well.

Kay Burg Moseley

Thank you for the nice note. You are so sweet. I remember you well and fondly. Where do you live? Tell us about yourself and Karla will put it on a Biography page. Hope you can come to our 50th Reunion in 2010. Take care.

Mike Roberts

Good morning Kay. What a great picture of the gang ! I just went to our class picture of 1954 to compare/see what differences a few years make. Seems the same people were always close. Your picture of the recent trek to Katy reminded me that opportunities to visit with our friends do not happen everyday so we must embrace each occasion quickly.

There were at least 2 people missing from your photo, myself and Richard Massey, bless him. Calvin, Richard and I were " The Three Musketeers " and Richard Gibson was D'Artagnan. No one messed with " The Three " and if they did D'Artagnan was there, " Johnny On The Spot ".

It amazes me that you girls have stayed as close as you have all these many years ! Ah, " MEMORIES ". I missed this one. Heres hoping I am never to busy to miss another. Thanks Kay, your freckled faced pal, Mike.

Kay Burg Moseley


You were missed, but as you told me when you were invited, you may have family commitments. At this time in our lives, we know family comes first.

Richard Gibson, who we called Dick at Southmayd, because we already had a Richard (Massey) in our class told us that Kenneth Hammett was his "bodyguard". Noone messed with him!

We had fun reminiscing. Hope you will be able to join us next time or at our 50th, whichever comes first.

Your curly headed, once brunette friend, Kay

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