Mike Roberts

Hi Herbert. I too worked for grocers early on - Fed Mart @ Griggs and Long Drive, Weingarten, Haenel's and then Kroger, where I also made grocery mngr and asst store mngr. I had ideas of becoming District Manager but a divorce ended that dream. What a trip!

Congratulations, Mike!

Mike, you're the first to take advantage of the new opportunity to leave comments on the biography pages. Thanks for leading the way!!! I hope others will now go back and reread the biography pages previously read and leave comments along the way.

Which reminds me, Mike - where's your biography? I could build a bit of one from your comments here on the blog, but I'd so much rather you e-mail something on the journey you've traveled as well as your current status and activities, along with a photo or two or ten.

And on the subject of photos - you will see I've added some of Herbert to this page. These are from the Milby Website alumni pages and the reunion slideshow. I do this from time to time so we can get a current impression. But folks - by the time I copy, paste, scan, insert, etc - the quality of the photo does not do the subject justice - more like an impressionistic painting. So please send me photos as e-mail attachments any old time and I will replace these in the blog. Karla

Herbert Johns

Well all of us on the coast are back in the repair mode. Hurricane Ike did a number on the coast that no one can even imagine. Pictures do not show the damage. Not even close.

100's of house and belongings are gone - I MEAN GONE - DISAPPEARED FOREVER - GONE. Imagine going to work or to the store and coming home and you cannot even find your lot because everything is gone (trees, signs, houses, cars, light poles, everything ). Nothing but a flat barren land as far as you can see. Nothing but dead cows and deserted auto/trucks. Everything that you worked all your life for is completely gone with no trace of it. No lumber, nothing! All of your keepsakes, pictures (ALL) GONE. No baby pictures or family pictures. It is BAD, FOLKS.

Sheila Steele Howard

Please know that there are many of us out here thinking of you and your neighbors and wishing that your hurt will end and you will see a brighter day ahead soon. May 2009 bring blessings to you and yours. Sheila

Karla Davis

I was glad to hear from Herbert, but so sad to know that his life continues to be so devastated by the flooding. I sense that his sorrow is greatly compounded by the suffering of others around him. I agree with Sheila's comment, above, and will continue to pray for all who were involved.

I had an e-mail from Laura this week that included information about their recovery from the flood. I have posted her remarks as well as these from Herbert on the Hurricane Ike page - linked in the lead post under Recent Features or found deep in the right sidebar.

Please continue to keep us informed - even though the news is not good. I am quite sure we all want to know how to pray for those who are still affected by that storm. Karla

Mike Roberts

Herbert, I can not fathom the emptiness you have found in these months after such a tragic event. I hope that all of your loved ones , close friends and neighbors are supporting one another in the devastation that all must feel. A house can be rebuilt but the treasures that have been gathered over time which spurn memories on site can only be recalled, never replaced.

Where does one start the recovery ? You have my deepest sympathy my friend ! There is no consolation.

darryl roberts

I remember History class and you struggling to stay awake because of working nights. I can see it like yesterday you popping NoDoz pills to keep from sleeping in class.
Congratulations on two retirements. You had a good work career.

Herbert Johns

Well another day in my life, I had a stint installed in the widowmaker artery and eveything seems to going ok since May14, 2010. I am back up and going again and about complete on IKE repairs. Of course a lot of fun things have gotten in the way of repairs. The major things (house)
the rest I will do as I get to them. I have 2 years and that ends in Sept.2010. I just got back from Tyler for a week and leave shortly for another week somewhere in Texas. Well thats it for now. Herbert Johns

Mike Roberts

Hi Herbert, you have been AWOL on the blog of late. I can understand why as of this message today ! Hey, those pipes have got to be clear passageways for the ELIXAR of LIFE.Sounds like you are still getting around pretty well and planning for another TREK out and about.

It was good seeing you at the REUNION LUNCHEON and I'll keep my ear to the ground for more of the stories we so enjoy on this here BLOG ! STAY WELL ! ! ! Your Pal, Mike Roberts

PS - You know, at least you and our pal John have a good excuse for laying low and quiet, I sincerely hope everyone is not having the same problem you are experiencing! GOD BLESS !

Linda (Little) Strickland


You guys are in my thoughts today. Herbert good to know you have come through your heart procedure. Little did we know health issues would be #1 issue in our retirement years. Just heard on Fox last Sunday that a crease in your ear lobe would make a person more prone to have a heart attack. (I have a crease) Isn't it great that He has given us our appointed time and we don't have to worry about tomorrow.

My Sonny had a hematoma in calf of left leg, cumadin level was high, touch and go there for a while but he is better, swelling gone down and level better.

Our herd is thinning. Great that we have enjoyed each other, our music, living in this great country and having the fruits of our labor in this age we now live.

love you guys, Linda

Mike Roberts

Hey Linda, I knew you were out there somewhere close to the blogosphere ! I hope Sonny continues to improve and is out and about again soon.
We are blessed to have the memories of our time because it was a heck of a ride and it continues !
Hey grab that earlobe and pull down on it to stretch that wrinkle out of there. You just misstook it for a crease ! Mike

Linda Strickland ( Little)

Mike, guess I will have to become a Carol Burnett and tug at my ear lobe, but mainly to wish all you Buffalos the best. Linda

Herbert Johns

Hello everyone it has been a while since I posted or read the blog. Life is good. My (9) grandson and I erected a cover today that was destroyed by Ike (no sinse getting in a hurry to repair RIGHT) He works well and I am probably more tired than he. Not much to say but life is good. Summer is here so will probably stay close to home for a while and get caught up on things. Trying to downsize a little. If I haven't used it in 20 years (I probably don't need it). Selling my property in Honey Island and Centerville (just no interest anymore and too much work to keep them up. Besides I have no business way out in the woods alone
working at a young mans job(clearing and cutting trees). Well time for bed - need to pick figs and pears for a friend tomorrow so they can be canned or whatever is done to them.

Hi, Herbert!!! So glad you stopped in for a visit. And so glad you are doing well. Do stay in touch more often here at the Milby 1960 blog!!! KD

mike roberts

Hi Herbert, I have been wonderin' where you were. We can usually count on you for some chatter on the blog. Hey, It's tough tryin' to keep up with these youngsters anymore. I went next door to help my neighbor pour his cement driveway and it didn't take me long to find out I'm not the concrete finisher I used to be. I'm a better stupervisor ! I can sit back with a cold drink and point out bad spots real easy ! Good to hear you're doin' okay. Take your time with that rebuilding, that's all we old cogers have left is time. Ketch ya later. MR

Charles Simmons

Hi Mike, It's comforting to know that I'm not the only one that suffers from a lack of stamina these days. Unlike others, I did have a heart attack twelve years ago, but my outdoor activities are limited to about 30 minutes a day in this Texas heat. The fatigue is simply overwhelming. However, it seems I'm in good company!

Herbert Johns

Well just a quick note and then to bed. Heat is pretty tiring these days but can work in the mornings and late in afternoons. you folks stay healthy and well. Till later

Linda Strickland

Mike and Herbert,
Are you both saying your get up and go has got up and went? Nice at your age to blame it on the heat. Goes for you to Charles.

mike roberts

Hi Linda, I still have to get up but my go is slowin' down, a LOT ! How are things on your end ? Hope all is well. I check in here fairly often so anytime you find a good subject to pick apart, I'm willin' to help. Oh yeah ! Thanks for askin' bout the gettup !

Linda Strickland

Just had cataract surgery both eyes, comes with age like your get up and go. Sporting new sun glasses for awhile called Solar Shield. I can now see far away and up close no glasses.

Very hot here but not like Texas.

Trying to take it one day at a time worry about my children and grandchildren. More time to watch news. Anger and disgust does not touch what I feel. We lived in a wonderful time of History.

Herbert Johns

Well I have been AWOL for a while and have settled for a minute to write - then to bed. I am still down sizing and cleaning up after Ike. Little things that you don't think about like grass no longer grows in places - pasture that doesn't produce like you need it
Bearings from salt water that freeze up at unopportune times. Just part of living in the country
aint it GRAND!!! There is always something to do or that breaks and you have to fix it. Then I run the roads a lot and visit neighbors
and etc. Life is good and good night it is about 2:30am and I usually get up for coffee with the local ranch and farmers at 6:00 so good night all. Have a Blessed day

Herbert Johns

Howdy everyone I know that it is cool at your placed but I am considereing installing an Air Conditioner on my OPEN front porch.
It is to say the least HOTTT. Stay
cool and drink lots of water - yeah
I said WATER. The other can wait till dark when its cooler. AHHA !!

Herbert Johns

Howdy everyone!
Well, I'm back on the time share route -- running the roads as much as I can. I'm in Conroe today and plan to go to Madisonville tomorrow visit an Aunt and Uncle. Visited an Aunt in Taminia today and fixed an air conditioner for her. Wow it was hot in her house. Hopefully she will call me in the future when this happens.

All is as good in life as you make it. Is it just me or do the rest of you feel that it is time for us to start downsizing our lives so that our kids don't have to do it for us? I have started selling things (property and just things) that I know that my children have no interest in or want in the future.
As my brother (younger) says "You have had it for 20 years. What makes you think anyone else would even want it whether it works or not". I guess he is right. No one seems to want a 10 key adding machine anymore, even if it works perfectly well. Gee, I guess I'm getting old or something. That 10 key adding machine and the manual typewriter almost feel like family. Well, 2:00AM so time for some sleep I guess. Have a blessed day.

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Paul Schrader's Gorilla Trek, July 2007

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1960 Carats Program

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