Jody Bugg

John, thank you for sharing your trip with us. You've had a remarkable life, yourself. Success is in the eye of the beholder, and I know you've enjoyed (overall ... maybe not the scary times) what you've been doing, or you would have gotten out when retirement knocked on your door. Anyway, your pride in your accomplishments is, by my definition at any rate, success, and you can't beat that. I believe your successes have been quite stellar. Law enforcement is a dicey profession. I'm so happy that you made it through all those years still in one piece and with a strong sense of self. I've been retired for six years now, and I highly recommend it. Take care, Jody

Clyde ( Sonny ) Jones

Hey John,

What a great photo of you in camo uniform. If I were a female, even an elderly one, I'd wanna send you some kinda risque text message or somethin'. Kidding aside, can I just say that for all the junk that the media spits out everytime there's a bad cop, I'm sure you know that the majority of us respect and revere our policemen as much as we do our service men and women. Thank you for spending your life in law enforcement and protecting others. At the end of the day, when it's all said-and-done, knowing that you "gave" instead of "took" leaves your woodpile a little higher!

The first Cushman Eagle I ever coveted was Sidney Jones's. I believe I was 12 or 13. My parents wouldn't allow me to ride, so I spent my time on a Schwinn Roadmaster instead. I can still remember the sound of Sidney comin' down the street as I would find somewhere to go off and wallow in self-pity, vowing someday to ride off with the wind-in-my-hair. I got my first motorcycle three years ago, and may I say that the wind has a much easier time getting through now...still a terrific way to spend spare time and save money...who could've known about $4 gas. Keep in touch...that there writin' of yours sparks my 'membrance.

Your pal,

Jody Bugg

I've been bull riding in the Mesquite Rodeo. No, seriously, I've been practicing my high wire act for Ringling Bros. No, seriously, I missed the bottom step coming down the stairs. Two of these are out and out lies. I'll let your detective skills figure out the truthful one.

John Echoff

Well, since Ringling Bros. will be in town next week, that answer has a smidgen of believability. Mesquite Rodeo, well, not knowing how long you've been living out in the boonies-possible. Falling down the stairs-naah, I'll stick with the dance lessons...

Get well soon and quit listening to disco.

Glenda Burns Minniece

Hey John,

Sounds like you had a stellar career to me. One anyone would be proud of. In my opinion, law enforcement officers and our military deserve our highest respect and appreciation - and you were in both! . You really do put your lives on the line for us. May I express my thanks for the job you've done these many years.

It was always fun knowing you. Always a smile and a hello. Your positive attitude has served you well.

Blessings, Glenda

Glenda Burns Minniece

That march home!!! Who could forget it. And we'd marched in a parade that day, too. Bless Sheila Steele for having pictures of it. I only recently got my mother to understand that we walked all the way from downtown to Milby because the bus didn't come for us. She was so mad at me for being late, she wouldn't listen to my attempts to explain. She thought I was just out fooling around. Imagine that. :) I remember Henry Flores (I think it was Henry; might have been Donald) trying to call the newspapers to report our adventure.

Karla Lofgren Davis

Hey! John Glenda, Sheila... how about trying to get the other three ladies on that trek (Merle, Sue, and Melba) involved in the blog. I have watched for their voices from the beginning and sent them several nagging e-mails, but so far they have not responded or submitted a comment. I'd LOVE to get their voices here. If you need their e-mail addresses, e-mail me and I'll respond. I LOVE ALL THIS CHATTER AND ACTIVITY ON THE BLOG!!! This has been one of the highest volumn days since its inception. I am enjoying your company immensely!!! Karla

Sheila Steele Howard

OK ladies, let's all add our two cents about that long march so many years ago. It really was a kick even though we griped about the buses not coming to get us. Glenda, I think we did make the news. Somewhere in the fog I remember a report on the radio about our progress down the access road. Don't think I could do it again. Would have to wait for the bus.

Linda Strickland


I know what you mean about the get to gethers. In my hometown in Louisiana they are still hiding horses from the Yankees. Each State has its own history. La. has a colorful history. Interesting that Lee and Sherman both attended the same Military School in La., Lee was ask to lead the Northern Army but chose to serve his homeland in the South. Alexandria, La. was burned by the Yankees, in history books it is described as a terible sight, women,old folks, children standing on the levee while the fires behind them reached the sky with the smell of chicken feathers and tears of the children were blotted by holding on to the skirts of their mothers, all left to starve just like in other parts of the South. One thing did occur in La. I do feel the Colfax Riot was a deciding factor in getting the carpet baggers out and the foot of the North off the necks of the Southern people. I think the North realized if they did not give the Southern people back their rights that another War would start.

In Alexandria, the water on the Red River was too low for the ships to float down south. A commander named Bailey had the soldiers throw all the heavy machinery in the river to make it rise, ex. syrup mills, saw mills etc. thus more hardship and starvation to the people. Bailys' Dam is a part of Louisiana history. Oh, John I get carried away, history comes to life when I read of the struggle of the family. Linda

Linda McKnight Thomason

Hi John!

You are one of my heroes! I admire and respect you for all of your achievements... and there have been many. Don't hang it up just yet...I hear there is a war going on and it may move closer our way any day. If something like that should ever happen, we will need wonderful, brave, experienced men and women like you to keep our homeland safe right where we live!(Our soldiers have been sent elsewhere to keep the peace!) Why on earth would you say your life thus far has not been a "steller" success? Of course it has! Anyone who has put his life on the line every waking moment for 38+ year protecting the lives of his fellow human beings and meeting the needs of our country in military service, is worthy of recognition in the gradest terms! Not to mention you have been a teacher too! Then, on a more personal note, you must be an excellent husband and dad (I don't use the word "step"). To Linn: It's so wonderful that you and John found each other to be lifemates! It must be so much fun to enjoy the same things as your husband, and to enjoy doing them together! I can only imagine riding a motorcycle and shooting guns! You are blessed John, and I pray that you know it! It was a privilege to get to go to school with you and know you to be an honorable and nice guy way back then. You are a "steller" success as a person John Ecoff and your life speaks volumns!

Kay Burg Moseley

All I can say after Linda's comments is AMEN and God bless.

John Echoff

My heartfelt thanks, now if I can just get the tears of pride out of my eyes, I'd like to say God Bless both of you, and hope you have a memorable and wonderful Christmas and the Happiest of New Year...

Karla Lofgren Davis

John has sent a couple of e-mails lately that tell about the tragedy and sadness he is experiencing right now. With his permission I have copied and pasted those messages at the top of this page. If you know John at all you know that he is a very caring, compassionate guy, and that he appreciates the support of his friends immensely.

Please scroll to the top and read this info above, and then leave a comment here or send him an e-mail. I am certain he will appreciate hearing from you! Karla

Laura Burns

John, I wish things were better -- hope they'll get better.

Gladys Payne Bohac

From Gladys Payne Bohac

John, I just read your bio and writings that you have so graciously shared with everyone. I am so proud to say I know you from way back as our fellow classmate. You and Linn have really gone through so much in your lives together. I am so sorry to read about your daughter-in-law and your precious granddaughter. What a sad time for your family. I know with the Lords help you and Linn will guide your precious little girl through her life by giving her good examples and being good role models. Your life has really been an exciting one and a good example what life is all about, helping your fellow man.

May God richly bless you and Linn during this sad time and guide you through the months ahead.

Your sister sounds like a fine lady also. Your family really are a blessing to everyone that you come in contact with.

Gladys Payne Bohac

Additional comment added here:
Charlotte Vann Dew posted this comment in another section of the blog. In order to be sure it is read along with these other loving thoughts for John, I am copying it here as well. Karla

From Charlotte:
In response to John's loss, let me say how sorry I am. I can certainly understand the concerns about his grand-daughter. My son Kyle died when Austin was just 5 and it was devestating. But with God's help and guidance, we all have moved forward. Austin is a pretty normal kid full of energy and very much like his dad. I tell him all the time how he reminds me of his dad. We talk a lot about his dad and he loves to hear of the tales when his dad and uncles were little. It's so much fun to hear his giggles at some of his dad's antics. I will pray for your family that life will soon find some normalcy again. It just takes time, and trust in our merciful God. Charlotte

John's Appreciation for Condolences

Dear Karla,

Please post a thank you for those who have taken the time to reach out to my family in this trying time. We will gather at Matt's place in Willis on Saturday for a get together and a memorial service for Laura.

Please pass our heartfelt gratitude to all of our friends...

John & Linn

Gladys Payne Bohac

Hey John, Happy Belated Birthday. Hope you had a real special day. Sounds like your fellows officers made sure you celebrated in a big way.

It was good seeing you and Lynn at the reunion. Now we can anticipate the 55th, YEA!!!!

Gladys Payne Bohac

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1958 Carats Program

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1960 Carats Program

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Milby Kaleidoscope Programs

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