Charles Simmons

Your well written article moved me. The shot of your husband and his son standing by that lone cross among thousands says it all. Also, your mention of the PAC-MAC, as it was called at Braniff, brought back memories of many stories told by my fellow Braniff airmen and flight attendants. Braniff flew a canary yellow 707 out of Travis. It cheered the homeward bound men to see that airplane coming for them. Thanks for the piece. Well done!

John Echoff

Where would I begin to express my thanks to the millions of veterans who served so that we could remain free. My family has never been wealthy in a monetary sense, but we are rich in heritage! My family arrived in the New World in 1640 and has served our wonderful country ever since. The Revolutionary War, the Indian Wars, two great uncles in the Civil War, one on each side. My Great-Great Grandfather, John Duncan fought for Texas Independence at San Jacinto with Sam Houston. Another uncle served in the Spanish-American War, my foster dad and an uncle in WWI in France. WWII called more family to serve, as did Korea. The unrest in the Middle East (Lebonan) resulted in a brother being wounded, and then Viet Nam same brother served 7 tours and was wounded 6 times, received a chest full of medals-retired from the Army only to die of a heart attack at age 40. I was put on stand-by for Desert Storm, but not called up. My wife's youngest brother has been to Iraq two tours and Don Hannsz' boy, Skipper is serving at present in the UAE, escorting ships thru the Straights of Harmuz.

To all past and present, I salute you and give you a heart felt "Semper Fi"...

God Bless America

John Echoff

Billy Carter, you mention the mess at TSU. I was there the night it all went out of control. As a member of the Sheriff's Reserve Force, I was called out and took part in putting down the disturbance. If memory serves me correctly, I believe we put 340 male students in jail that night, one police officer (HPD) was killed and one Sheriff's Deputy was wounded (me). I went on to help in several other civil disturbances during the turbulent times of civil unrest. Surrounded by mobs and threatened several times, those were some of the scariest times of my career!

Doris Simmons


My Dad was in the Army Air Corps and trained at Ellington Field. I remember riding the bus out to see him and that he always came home with lots of candy from the Commissary. When he was transferred to Japan as part of the occupation troops following the end of World War II, he asked my grandparents to buy us a house so we wouldn’t need to live in Army housing while he was gone. Thankfully, my grandparents were in the position to do just that and we moved into our house on Linden Street in Pecan Park. This was a good thing. There was even talk of us joining him in Japan.

Unfortunately, however, he was killed on May 29, 1947 when his plane crashed into the side of a mountain. This was a shock from which my mother never recovered. I remember the phone call ---- no soldiers at the front door --- nothing gentle. A reporter on the phone gave her the news. I can still hear her scream and see her throwing the phone. “My Daddy is dead” was my comment to another reporter that came to our house. The article stated that “the oldest” child seemed to know what happened. Certainly nothing was ever the same.

Because of the area where his plane crashed and the number of passengers, it took the Army all summer before his remains were returned to the States. He was finally buried at Forrest Park Lawndale on November 11, 1947. Everyone says that my Mother loved my Dad so much that she was never the same.

The details of my life after that are like “the 6 o’clock” news. But I must say that I was saved by my belief in God and knowing He loved me. When I was little, and still today, when I see the moon at the point it looks like a silver sliver at the bottom of the circle, it looks like a desk to me. And if you look hard, you can see the slightest shadow of a circle which looks as if you can see right into Heaven. So, I felt like God sat at that desk and marked “who was naughty and who was nice” and that my Dad was with him --- watching! Because of that --- I tried always to be good, but especially good during that time.

Our lives are so incredibly shaped by so many things. But I do find it ironic now that, May 29th is often Memorial Day and November 11th is Veteran’s Day. These are very important days to many Americans, but especially for me.

Hug your Soldier if you have one!!

John Echoff

Sadly, I report the loss of a great American, and a legendary Marine. Colonel Jim Yawn USMC (ret.) passed on to his final reward Wednesday, November 12, 2008. Colonel Yawn was awarded the Navy Cross for his actions in WWII, as a pilot in the Pacific Theater, Col. Yawn was instrumental in the defeat of the Japanese Fleet at the Battle of Midway. Col. Yawn found the enemy fleet and maintained surveillance until Admiral Hulsey's command could intercept and defeat the enemy, which in turn led to Victory in the Pacific. It is with a heavy heart that I announce the loss of my friend, may God Bless him...

Semper Fi

Ray Prichard

After reading the postings about veterans and military service from so many of our classmates, I am moved to tears of joy and tears of sadness. Joy and admiration for their military service and that of their family and friends. Tears of sadness for the family members lost.

In 1968 my father and I took a trip to Washington, DC. We visited Arlington Military Cemetery, walking around enjoying the serene beauty yet the sadness of the rolling hills and endless grave markers. Suddenly, across one of the hills came the sound of a military bugler playing Taps. Our eyes were drawn to a sad spectacle of a military funeral on a nearby hillside. Though it was taking place several hundred yards across the hills, I felt like an intruder, watching that small group of mourners huddled around that flag draped coffin. Their grief was so heartfelt and so evident, even from that distance. I felt I should look away to give them privacy. I could not look away however. I could only offer a silent prayer for that fallen warrior and wish him God Speed to his eternal reward.

Over the ensuing war years, every time I read in the paper about a local fallen Viet Nam veteran, that scene came flooding back into my mind and heart. I am humbled to hear our Milby Class' veterans stories and I salute you all. God Bless you for your sacrifice and your selfless service in the behalf of all of our Milby classmates and families and friends.

Clyde ( Sonny ) Jones

You've got a real special talent for saying everything that needs to be said in an eloquent and moving way. Your stories are terrific, and I, for one, hope you never run dry.

Thanks for sharing

John Echoff

As we enter November, we should take a moment to observe three very important dates coming up: November 10th, the birthday of the United States Marine Corps, November 11th, originally called Armistice Day (now simply Veteran's Day), and of course the third, and in some circles the most important, November 25th, Thanksgiving Day.

I am particularly fond of all three for different reasons. Being a FORMER Marine, the 10th of November is very special to me. Having been raised by a World War I foster dad, Armistice Day was always very important to me. Third, but absolutely not last, is Thanksgiving Day. The fond memories of those wonderful family gatherings around the table, the delicious food (even in the Corps there was always a "semblance" of good holiday food). At home, after the meal, there was always the big football game.

Mainly, this time of year makes me remember the splendid time spent with family, most of whom have passed on now, but that does not lessen the memories. I especially think of my two brothers, both deceased. One served during the Korean Conflict, and the other served numerous tours in Viet Nam. He was wounded so many times I lost count of his injuries. I was indeed blessed to have two wonderful guys as brothers and they were brothers in every sense of the word.

My brother Jackie (youngest of the two) was a sergeant, stationed at the US Army Recruiting Station in downtown Houston for a while, and used to take particular delight in calling me when I worked at the Academy. He would ask to speak to "Sergeant Echoff" and the clerk would politely ask who was calling and he would reply simply "Sergeant Echoff". This would go on several times until she finally got wise to him and would just transfer the call.

Semper Fi! John

Mike Roberts

Happy Veterans Day to all. May I take a moment to express exaggerated gratitude for the service of all our military personnel who have so gallantly protected OUR FRAGILE FREEDOMS from enemies both foreign and domestic for 240 some years?

I would also pray to the hearts of those who abuse their FREEDOM, WON SOLELY by each of these FAVORED AMERICAN PATRIOTS, by attending funerals of OUR FALLEN HEROES, not to HONOR but to reflect the strange indifference FREEDOM brings forth in a politically correct society. I would pray that our FAMILY UNITS will continue to survive and lift our PRESENT service members, our VETERANS and our FALLEN comrades beyond the reach of the politically correct crowd so as to eventually eliminate any justification of judgment these misguided souls may embrace and promote!

I’m sorry if this offends anyone but I had to return to it TODAY and rethink my reason for thinking and writing it on VETERANS DAY, just to post to OUR BLOG. You see, it is MY belief that a family in mourning for a loved one, especially a FALLEN SOLDIER, should be shown an elevated sense of courtesy and not be subjected to the WHIMS of those enamored with SOCIETY and the POLITICAL SCENE!

I am taken aback by the REMOVAL/attempted REMOVAL of all that we knew as TRADITION (you get the picture)! When this country (we patriots) ALLOW ANYONE to tell a child it is not OKAY to display “OLD GLORY “on his bicycle, on VETERANS DAY, something is TERRIBLY WRONG!

That is my OPINION, I would be more than happy to entertain YOURS!

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Elementary Class Photos

  • Immaculate Conception Catholic School
    These will take you WAY BACK! Here are photos from our elementary school classes. (Click on album title to open. Once inside the album, click on individual thumbnails to view larger images.) If you can supply more info or other photos, contact your blogmeister. ([email protected])

Photos from Deady Junior High

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1960 Carats Program

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Milby Kaleidoscope Programs

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Milby Drama Department Productions

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