Sheila Steele Howard

Austin County 90 miles west of Houston: All is well here. We had no power for about 8 hours, parts of trees down everywhere and a few shingles off the north side of roof. 6" of rain over two days. Now we are hosting people from Houston and Seabrook who really got pounded. Am upset with the reporters who seem to be trying to get an ice riot started. We're Texans, we can handle adversity and fix this.

Linda Strickland

Ike made it to Ky., daughter Kristan without power. Two killed on motorcycles hit by tree, lady in bathtub from storm killed by tree. 74 miles hour wind. I know the situation in Galveston and Houston is bad but Texas people are strong and will pull together. Agree with Sheilas comment above. Know the struggles will come, health both physical/mental, shortages, mold but like I said Texans are strong willed people will make it fine. Just know the rest of the herd throughout the US are praying for you and awaiting any request for help you might need from us. Linda

John Echoff

I had just typed a long tyrade about the idiots that call themselves "reporters", but it disappeared, so I'll condense it: Right before the storm hit, there was a "reporter" (ie idiot with a mike) standing on the seawall, pointing the camera toward the beach proclaiming there was water already up to the bottom of the sewall! It was high tide-go figure... Then there was the moronic exchange between Wayne Delchifino (moron 1st class) and Governor Perry. WD was in a tyraide about being denied access to Bolivar, he wanted to be the 1st there and score some type of scoop. In fact all he wanted to do was hype the disaster and profit from the destruction and misery of those folks. I for one have had my fill of these idiots standing in the rain telling me it's raining.

I pray that our extended family is safe, the material goods can eventually be replaced, but your precious lives cannot. God Bless you and keep you and yours safe.

Jody Bugg

I was oh, so very lucky, too. I woke up Saturday morning with a roof over my head. By 4pm, my power was back on ... only 14hrs w/o electricity. Of course, I had no land line available, but the cell towers offered me a couple of hours of calling time. The water pressure was low and hence, no water. That only lasted a couple of days, and I seemed to manage OK. My Internet was back sometime Monday night. I am still w/o TV. Comcast hasn't made it to my side of town, yet. I can't and won't complain. I had considered running to my cousins' houses. One lives in College Station, and the other lives in the Crockett area. I'm relieved that I didn't because Mr. Ike spun right over the both of them, and neither has power.

I hope for the best for all of us, especially those who have not posted, and hope to hear from them soon. I echo John ... keep safe.


John Echoff

Mary Lou, send me your address on Toddville Rd. I have a few contacts at Seabrook PD, will see if I can get you some photos...

[email protected]


Mary Lou, just heard from the mother of a friend. Her lights came on in Seabrook tonight at 6:00. She said the damage to the houses on Toddville varies from just a little to a bunch. Think most of the damage is water related. Hope all is well with yours. Sheila

Mike Roberts

Hi folks, just got power back up and running @ 10 pm. I had just gone to bed and before I laid my head down on the pillow the lights came on. I have now just finished catching up on my e-mail that has been building since Friday night.

WOW ! ! What a ride ! I do not remember Carla being as big as this storm was.

I am going to turn in now but I will return and expand on the blessings we recieved from this event. Stay well ! !

Larry Smith

Hi all...glad to hear from so many storm survivors. Navasota/Plantersville area seems to have mostly power line damage from fallen trees. No damage to our place, and only one big tree down. These Red Oaks have shallow roots and show a 10 foot wide pancake of roots when they fall. Power was restored in Navasota and along Hwy 105 to Plantersville yesterday. Three poles are down at the entrance to our road, so it may be a few more days for us to get power. We run our generator for 3 hours morning, afternoon, and evening to power the well, refrigerators and freezers, amd get some TV time. We were in God's hands and He took good care of us...Larry

Laura Striegler Wilson

Power is gradually being restored in the League City area and just south of here. I work in LC. I would echo John Echoff's note, if we had the complete address on Toddville may be able to get a better report for Mary Lou. As others have said there is damage from very little, to total destruction, so would need the full address to be of help.

Mike Roberts

I'm baaaa-aaack. My daughter and son-in-law escaped from Santa Fe along with 2 of my " little angels ", an 18 year old, 15 year old and their puppy. Our eldest son came with them.
Our youngest, his wife and my youngest " little angel " came over from Cut and Shoot to ride the storm with us.
We lost power @ 4 am Saturday morn, after being pummeled by high winds for all of 5 full hours, and being on well water it went also, however being on a small lake afforded the blessing of commode utilization thru the outage and the ability to take a 5 gallon bucket to the shower or sponge bath.
As the blessings of PODS were distributed we were able to replenish our meager supplies of ice and water for cooking and " COFFEE " as well as cold drinks.
This is a small community of 115 homes and we're blessed with the kindest and resourceful neighbors willing to give of themselves to those in need. After 3 days of no water a resident was blessed to get a loaner generator large enough to power our smallest community well and with a lot of help we had water tho @ lower pressure still affording the essentials of running water to the facilities.
We are so blessed in this country and I hope I never take for granted any of the valuable commodities of everyday life that fill our time on this earth.
We did have a family home in the subdivision take a direct hit by a huge tree in their front yard, fell thru the center of the house. The community had set up a hunker down shelter, at our club house, for anyone affraid of trees falling on their assets, which, in the aftermath of the storm has given this family a place of refuge until such time as provisions can be made for their wellbeing. How blessed we are to have the ability to do so !
This family has lived in the community for a long time and contributed to its unquestionable friendlyness and homey atmosphere.
We muddled thru and or now nearing normalcy, blessed with the knowledge of having survived such intense pressure from " Mother Nature " perhaps we will be that much better off when " SHE " unleashes her fury again.
BLESS all of you and your families and BLESS the good samaritans who give of themselves to aid their neihbors! ! !

Sheila Howard

Anyone wishing to help the 20 to 40 thousand cattle and horses in Chambers and Jefferson counties without feed, hay and water, please go to: and click on Donation to "No Fences" Hurricane Ike Horse and Cattle Relief. Please help if you can.

Report for Mary Lou

John Echoff was able to get someone to visit Mary Lou's house and take some pictures. I'm sure one or the other of them will be telling us all about it soon. Thanks for all of your concern on her behalf. Karla

Glenda Burns Minniece

Hubby John stayed in Houston and was without power from Friday evening until Tuesday around bedtime, otherwise fine, thank the good Lord. I was in Broaddus (San Augustine County, Texas) with Mother. Wind stayed high from 4:00 a.m. til about 10:00 p.m. Fortunately no damage to her home. Some tin off barn roofs and some trees down around farm, but that's fixable! Without electricity from 9:00 Saturday morning until Tuesday supper time, but my brother had supplied her with a generator after Rita, so we were okay. Even able to get gasoline not too far away to keep the generator running. We were so anxious to get news of the Gulf Coast area, especially Galveston, but national news acted like it hadn't happened! Disgusting! Thanks to the wonderful blog, I'm now able to get news and photos! You guys are great - especially you, Karla! My heart goes out to those who suffered much damage. I know things can be replaced - but not everything can (photos, treasured heirlooms, etc.)! And what a mess trying to recover from a disaster like this. Thank you Sheila for info on how to help with the horse and cattle relief, and to John Echoff for helping Mary Lou.

John Echoff

Update on Progress post Hurricane Ike: Tasha's cut finally closed up without stiches. I bought Linn a new chain saw for her birthday (9/18) now we have his & hers, mine's a Huskavarna, hers is a Stihl. Now how many of you guys are brave enough to buy your wife a chainsaw for her birthday? We spread big blue tarps over the barn roof and are building a burn pile to rival the Aggie Bonfire-hear that Veazey, Crider? For a small admission fee, we will allow you guys to attend the lighting of the mother of all bonfires and even furnish a cold Shiner! We have made what repairs we can manage for the present, still no word from the insurance company. I was successful in getting a cohart at Seabrook PD to go the Mary Lou's house there and he advised me of the condition-not good news. He took several photo's (about 30) and when he can get them to me, I'll forward them to Mary Lou for her to use for insurance claims. I'm very relieved that so far none of our classmates have had serious injury or death, one of my friends at the Department, an investigative sergeant, was killed trying to move a tree blocking ingress/egress from his subdivision-he died a hero in my eyes, trying to help others-a trait for which he was widely known and loved. God Bless you Sergeant Tommy Keen, may you rest in Peace...

Remembering Hurricane Carla

Several of you, and most newscasters, have mentioned Hurricane Carla's devastation to the same area in 1961. I have very distinct memories of my namesake. You know, there were not many C(K)arlas around when I was growing up. I was named for my dad (Carl) and really didn't like my name because it was so unfamiliar.

In the fall of 1961 Ed and I had been engaged for about 4 months. He was in the process of taking me to his old stomping grounds to meet his family and friends. He grew up in the Kemah/League City area, so you can imagine their facial expressions when he said my name. They tried to recover and look delighted to meet me...and I tried to understand that they were not responding to me, but to the devastation that other Carla had caused them.

Ed's sister - who had three sons ages 4-5-6 lost her home and everything in it in Hurricane Carla. As they returned from their evacuation trip they saw their home, mostly smashed to splinters, on the highway three miles from their lot. They love me, but my name has forever evoked sad memories for them. Karla

Linda Little Strickland

John, what is Houston looking like? Still wearing that Old Spice shaving lotion? I just know it keeps the Mosquitos away when you are working and Mike also when he goes fishing.

Herbert is off our radar, he is home cleaning up, terrible mess out his way. At this time he has cell phone only according to my last communication.

We are living in a trying time storm /money wise. Sounds like some folks on wall street need to be wearing stripe suits instead of pin-striped. I hope this is a wake up call to Washington, to know WE ARE WATCHING YOU! People for many years, not just the last eight have been lining their pockets while the trust of the American people has been going out the window. If this "plan"/bailout does not work we may see a repeat of the window show the herd only heard from their grandparents. I just viewed a copy of the Declaration of Independence at the local Massie Heritage Center, it was behind bullet proof glass with two officers guarding it. Unsigned at the bottom, was a copy to be approved of by each state. Words by patriots, men that loved this country and put their life on the line when they signed that piece of paper that has been the glue that has held us together. Guess I had better get off my soap box would encourage everyone to vote.

Thanks John for keeping us up on the storm news. Linda

John Echoff

Hey Laura, if you and John need a clean, cool place to rest a few days, our guest room is available. It isn't grand, just a bed and airconditioning, but you are welcome to visit for a few nights, days or whatever. Also our washer and dryer are sitting idle at the moment. If you need manpower help, I'm off Friday and Saturday. We have our place picked up and are waiting on the adjuster, so if you need help or a place send me a message ([email protected]).

John Echoff

Linda Lou, you constantly amaze me with your observations and comments. Your mind must never slow down, the observations, like the one about the Declaration of Independence are very thought provoking. The patriots, indeed, put everything, lives property, family-everything, on the line when they signed their names. Would any of today's Washington crowd be brave enough to do the same, I have my doubts...

BTW, yes, still wearing the Old Spice. Take care of your Hubby and yourself.

Laura McNeil Burns

John, you are very kind, but the cool weather and ceiling fans (yeah, we do have electricity!) are keeping us comfortable. And Proctor and Gamble is kindly doing laundry for us and a lot of other people who can't right now. We got a contractor signed up and hope to start tearing down next week, then rebuilding.
Today I counted three working traffic lights in Galveston, a vast improvement. Cops are down here from many places (including Round Rock, I'm told). Lots of traffic lights not working in Houston and other parts of the mainland either. Wish they were directing traffic at every corner. Some houses have signs threatening looters, but that doesn't seem to be much of a problem here. Traffic definitely is, along with the lack of services. We just got mail yesterday -- I stood in line two hours at the post office at La Marque, only to find that the delivery to my house had started! Fortunately UTMB and later a church group came by delivering bottled water. The church people even provided hot dogs.

Glenda Burns Minniece

A little late to help much with Ike relief, but, moved by your stories as well as others, I've recently volunteered with the Red Cross and am in the process of going through the training they require. I've been at the shelter on 610S and helped answer phones at the chapter off the SW fwy. I had hoped to be able to help directly with the relief of the Galveston area, but that may not be available to me at this stage.
I had ancestral relatives in Galveston in 1900 storm. My mother's maternal grandfather died and was buried there in 1898 but his brother, Frank Mundine, and his family were there. My grandmother (pictured in my autobiography) was 18 but her mother had moved the family back to the piney woods when she was widowed. Uncle Frank and family survived the storm but moved to Houston directly afterward where Uncle Frank was killed by a streetcar in the Heights.

Laura McNeil Burns

Glenda, your help means a lot. The Red Cross has been really great during all this.

All our floors and drywall taken out, sprayed to prevent the mold coming back, and floors to be installed starting tomorow. (Actually, our 95-year-old wood floors in front are still there, to be sanded and refinished.)

We went out to look at appliances, bought a water heater and refrigerator so far, going to redo the kitchen completely. The sad thing is, redecorating like this and not knowing whether it will last. Everything is impermanent, of course, but this is ridiculous. We ended up throwing out 90 percent or so of the furniture downstairs. Some people salvaged it out of our front yard before the debris haul-off, but I don't know about recycling something so moldy and nasty, though they are welcome to it if they can use it.

I keep meeting people who lost everything, except the clothes they were wearing, practically, or their car. Asked at church to donate school uniforms to the kids who lost theirs. Trying to set up a clothes closet for Galveston College students. UTMB still closed down, little medical care on the island. My phone will be repaired Nov. 3, so I hear. (We can dial out, but people can't call us; make it nice and quiet, actually.)

One of John's co-worker's came home to find a dead dolphin in her living room. Bet that stunk even worse than our house, which we can go into without putting on face masks now, at least.

So many little stores and restaurants closing down. The one bookstore with new books has decided to take the insurance money and close. Be a good time to open a bookstore, I said to John, but he said that if they were making money they would have reopened. Sounds tempting, though. Hard times for booksellers, when it's easy to order any book online. The Rosenberg Library is closed, very flood damaged.

Hundreds of people are living in tents, they are trying to get trailers in for when the weather gets cold.

We have gas, but no water heater, stove, dryer, or furnace to use it in. Cold showers are so brisk. Fortunately the weather has stayed pretty warm so far and the water heater we bought is coming Thursday.

I have seen some white-winged doves, but they are very quiet. I wonder what kind of numbers they have to have to start cooing. I used to hear them (Who-cooks-for-you?) every morning, but not lately. The flyway for migratory birds was supposed to be in bad shape, as the hurricane stripped all the mulberries from the trees. The strong birds will survive, I suppose. All our pecans were knocked down, but I would not dream of gathering them up for baking, not after they soaked in all that nasty water. We have been watering our trees. Some scoffed, but the pecans are starting new leaves. I don't know if the crepe myrtle will make it.

The blessing in disguise is that this hurricane has made people helpful and neighborly, as well as appreciative of "ordinary" things. The first time the trash collectors came by, everyone on my block came out and applauded.

Herbert Johns

Tired but wanted to say hello to


Mike Roberts

Hi Herbert, I hope things are looking up over your way? Keep us in the loop as to any progress in the rehab of your community or the lack thereof.

There was something in the paper yesterday about rising crime in the storm zone at the beach. Probably just those who would take advantage of folks when they are most vulnerable.

Hang in there!

Linda Strickland

Herbert, Mike and Herd,

Wishing all a Happy New Year, a strange way to start a new year money/government/war ect. Bought a little sign from the wit of Winston Churchill, " IF YOU'RE GOING THRU HELL, KEEP GOING". As long as Old Glory is still flying I know there are people in our Government / armed services that are keeping us safe.

Herbert hoping the load is lighter in your part of the country for yourself and neighbors. You gave a very descriptive visual of the loss you all experienced.

Mike, John saw an add for Old Spice the other day and thought of you two, your purchase of the product is probably keeping them in business.


Mike Roberts

Hi Linda, I guess old habits are hard to break. My Father and his father both wore the stuff so I guess I came by it honest. The only other scent that I appreciated from " back in the day " was that of a good haircut.

I do stay up on some of the new scents though, thru gifts I get at Christmas time and when I pass a lady in the grocery with a refreshing fragrance about her. Do you think it imposing to ask, " Can you please tell me what is the name of that wonderful parfuuume you are carrying so graciously ".

Linda Strickland


I am glad the parfuuume makers have come around to you guys, as some of the fragrances have a wonderful scents.

Ask the lady about her parfuuume, would be a great compliment to her. Be sure your wife is at your side. Would be a good pickup line for the single Buffalos.

I remember telling the staff about a nice smell on one of our male staff as he passed by, the expression on his face was a glow do think he had a higher step and seemed pleased as punch with himself. both ways with men and women. Everyone needs flowers (compliments) from time to time. Linda

Herbert Johns

Yes, Linda. That usually works for everyone's self esteem. It seems the older we get the more self esteem uplift we get and give is the better (ok I wasn't an English teacher).

Everyone notice the new email address. [email protected]

It seems that progress can be seen each day on the repairs around the area. Ranchers have miles and miles of
fence to build and wire and posts cost have gone out of sight, like gasoline did for a while. But it doesn't look like the farming costs are going down, but up.

Most of my friends have had to sell all of their cattle and will need to try to start over once the fences are built and the land has recovered from the salt and will grow grass that will sustain the livestock or grow crops.

Folks look for food prices to go UP. When a $150,000 tractor that isn't paid for is junked, that hurts and it is hard to recover financially. Yes, insurance helps, but how are the fields worked in the meantime? Most fields south of Highway 73 are unable to grow crops or grass.

Until later... going to bed early for a change. Herbert Johns

Linda Strickland


Times are hard for many people in all walks of life. Sad to hear of many business closing.

Speaking of good scents, Chanell Five is closing out.

Hear the pawn shops are quiet busy. Visited one the other day saw a picture of a Black man holding a guitar with a caption that read, " If a guitar hasn't been in a pawn shop it can't play the blues". By the way, didn't pawn anything, Sonny went in there to buy a 12 gage riot gun.

Wonder how many Victory Gardens are going to be planted this Spring. I have encouraged Sonny to buy rice everytime he goes to the store and he laughs at me.

I have a couple of ration books from way back when wonder if they will still be honored?

The herd was born on the tail end of a Depression and now in our retirement we are in the worse recession since 1945.

Little things in life are more precious. Love of family, friends, simple enjoyments are very special at this time to me.

Pardon my rambling always felt talking it out helps and in this day and time many people are laughing to keep from crying.

Herbert I know those farmers you are talking about have an upbeat attitude, part of that Texan drive/spirit.


Herbert Johns

Yes, Linda. The farmers and ranchers are not like the CEO's and Accountants of the big Auto Co.s, Banks, and etc that make $Million salaries with $Million benefits and planes. The workers aren't getting any $Billion help from the taxpayer and they are not in trouble due to their own greed and crookedness. Any other thief would go to jail for what the CEO's and accountants have done and not be given more money to steal. I'll get off of my soapbox.

Mike Roberts

You tell em Herbert, the CEO's should be payed to the tune of their performance, and the politicians should be payed in the same manner. I think then you would find them all in a soup line.

Herbert Johns

Write your Congressman & Senators
I do and did about every week. I
let them know how I feel, not that
it does any good but they don't
know how we feel unless we tell

Mike Roberts

You got it Herbert, I do write them. Perhaps not often enough.

My latest revelation was that they cut their numbers in half, cut their pay by 2/3's, their pensions completely and get on SS with the rest of us. I do not expect that to happen, but it would surely be easier to keep up with them.

Karla Lofgren Davis

Do you all know anything about educators not being able to draw full Social Security benefits when they retire?

We found that so unbelievable that we didn't take it serious until recently when we started figuring out what we can expect in retirement. We naturally assumed we would get SS benefits like everyone else. Ed was required to pay both SS and Texas Teacher Retirement for many years and is fully vested. In most places, public educators no longer pay SS, but for many years they were required to do so.

I have not been employed at the right time or long enough in jobs that required/allowed SS participation so I do not have sufficient credits to expect anything. However, we WERE expecting that Ed would collect his benefits and that I would get the usual spouse benefits. NOT SO!

We will draw only a modest percentage of Ed's benefits, and I will get NO spouse benefits. We have now gone to a number of seminars and information meetings, and we have read a LOT of material about this. Do you know why we will not get full SS benefits???

Because it would be considered a WINDFALL. Yep, it's the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP). We will get our Teacher Retirement benefits - but believe me, that is NOT a windfall. If we got both Teacher Retirement and SS benefits it would not be a windfall. How ludicrous! Teacher Associations have been working on this for years, it gets good press, looks like it will be repealed, then dies. I do know that Obama as a senator was vocal about repealing the WEP.

Now, don't most other professionals get full SS benefits in addition to their company, government, or military pension? Please set me straight if that is not correct. Karla

Paul Schrader


I've been away from Denver for the month and out of touch. I just read your note about the WEP. I do know something about this provision and will send you some information in the next few days.



Herbert Johns

Going to Galveston to see Time share next Saturday2/7/09 I think
Just to get away again and relax
Just got back from a cruise for 3days but I guess another day won't matter much. At least it will be enjoyable.

Sheila Steele Howard

Well, Herbert did you have fun on your cruise? Where did you go? Play the slots?Eat a lot? Dance? Let us know how much fun you had. Just think, spring is coming soon with its renewal. Things always look better with a little green grass growing around us.

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Karla's African Adventure in the 60's

  • Sb) Shopping with Masai Along the Road
    Check out the adventurous life Karla and Ed Davis lived in Africa in the 60's. Made memories to last a lifetime! Click on titles or thumbnails to enlarge photos and read captions.

Kemah and Galveston After Ike, March '09

  • Zm) An Encouraging Symbol
    While there is still much devastation, and much more work to be done, the rebuilding efforts along the Gulf Coast are in full swing. Click on title or thumbnail to see photos and read narrative of the trip Karla and Ed Davis took to that area during Spring Break.

What I Did This Summer ~ 2009

  • Z) Charlotte, Bo, and Gladys at a Luau
    Do you remember this favorite topic teachers assigned for a first writing project when school started each fall? Let's revisit it through our classmates' photos and captions. Click photos to open/enlarge and to read narrative.

Holiday Gatherings, 2008

  • (Od) Icicles
    Click on each title or thumbnail to enter the album and see enlarged views. Then send us some photos of your Holiday Gatherings (folks and activities) so we can e-congregate with you! (send to Karla as e-mail attachments).

Favorite Fall Photos 2008

  • (Ace) - Sunrise in Marble Falls
    Click on titles or thumbnails to view enlarged images and read captions for these often gorgeous, sometimes humorous, and usually informative Favorite Fall Photos submitted by our classmates.

Bikers and Babes (2008)

  • B - Bikers and Babes
    Enjoy this report of a party hosted by Charlotte Vann Casselberry. Click on titles or thumbnails to view enlarged images.

Hurricane Ike Scenes

  • A - Kemah after Ike
    Click on the titles or thumbnails to show enlarged views of these photos of the aftermath of Hurricane Ike. September 13th, 2008

Sheila's Flora and Fauna ~ 2007

  • E - Honey Bees and Bumble Bees
    Click on titles or thumbnails to enlarge photos and read comments about "the animals that visit us at our place in the country".

Larry's Nightly Visitors, '08 & '09

  • H - The Whole Gang Came Along
    Click on titles or thumbnails to enlarge photos and read comments about the Raccoons in Larry's world.

Larry's Incredible Century Plant, Spring 2009

  • N - All But the Top Four in Bloom - June 28, 09
    Throughout the Spring and into the Summer we have watched as Larry Smith's Century plant "does its thing"! Click on thumbnails or titles to see this incredible sight. Read captions for details.

Destination Kenney (AKA Sheila's TAG SALE) 2008

  • G - A Gathering of the Herd
    The idea is conceived, the adventure ensues, the saga unfolds... On 5/9/2008, Sheila Steele Howard sent an e-mail to this blogmeister, inquiring about the possibility of advertising a TAG SALE that was to be held in the Ag Hall in Kenney, Texas on June 6 & 7. Click on this title or image to view more on this topic. Then click on the thumbnail of each photo to view the enlarged picture.

On the Road with John and Linn, June 2008

  • A - John and Linn, "Partners" on the Road
    John and Linn Echoff recently returned from a 3492 mile road trip, taking time to “smell the roses” throughout the heartland of America. Click on this title or image to view some of the sights they saw and to read John’s narrative. Then click on the thumbnail of each photo to view the enlarged picture.

Travel with Gladys

  • O - Versailles
    "Bo and I have been blessed to travel to a lot of different countries over the last 17 years. What a joy to see so many of the beautiful places in this world." Click on this title to see the places in the world that Gladys Payne Bohac has been privileged to visit. Once inside the album, click on each thumbnail for an enlarged view and the accompanying narrative.

"Holiday Expressions", Charlotte and Gladys (2007)

  • "Razzle Dazzle Red"
    Charlotte Vann Casselberry Dew and Gladys Payne Bohac create beautiful Christmas decorations and gifts and sell them through their business, "Holiday Expressions". Click on the title or thumbnail to open the album. Once in, click on each thumbnail to see an enlarged view of some of their creations and to read other information about their business.

Karla's Projects

  • AD - Kaleidoscope of Ryan
    My sense of personal fulfillment seems to be somewhat dependent on having a creative project in progress. My projects seldom conform to anything seen in hobby shops or magazines. They are, however, creative, and they are all mine! Double click on this title to open. Inside, double click on any thumbnail to see an enlarged image and read about the project. (Then - as always - send me your stuff so I can create a project photo album on the blog for YOU!)

Ken Corey - Our Man in Macedonia, 2008

  • 01 - Ken Corey on the "Boardwalk" in Macedonia
    Ken Corey and his wife Carole spent a few years in the beautiful city of Skopje, Macedonia while Ken managed a building project. Let's view this part of the world through their eyes and experiences! To open this album, click on the title or the photo. Once inside, be sure to click on thumbnails to view larger images and read narrative.

Paul Schrader's Gorilla Trek, July 2007

  • A Bit of Paul's Bio
    Paul Schrader and his wife, Carolyn, recently (July 2007) returned from a trip to Africa during which they were privileged to engage in a trek to view the mountain gorillas of Uganda . Click on this album title to view the pictures and read Paul's commentary. When viewing the photos, click on the thumbnails for an enlarged image.

Christmas 2007 Photo Album

  • P - Larry Smith Family, Christmas 2007
    Let's share the photos that we took at Thanksgiving or over the Christmas Holidays this year (2007). Click on this title or thumbnail to open this album. Then, as you look at each image, double click on the thumbnail for an enlarged view.

Elementary Class Photos

  • Immaculate Conception Catholic School
    These will take you WAY BACK! Here are photos from our elementary school classes. (Click on album title to open. Once inside the album, click on individual thumbnails to view larger images.) If you can supply more info or other photos, contact your blogmeister. ([email protected])

Photos from Deady Junior High

  • Deady Band - Our 8th Grade Year
    For most of us, this age was pretty awkward as we were continually changing in every way. But it was an exciting time too, as we met and made new friends from the other elementary schools that fed into Deady. See if you recognize the Milby 1960 graduates among these smiling faces. (Click on album title to open. Once inside the album, click on individual thumbnails to view larger images.) Submit other photos or information to your blogmeister. [email protected]

Various Milby Era Photos (1957-60)

  • Austin 1961
    Our Milby Buffalo yearbooks contain many photographs that serve as the basis for memories of our days at Milby. Some of us have other photos of various activities and events during the years we were in high school that were not in the Buffalo. This album contains photos that fit in that category. (Click on album title to open. Once inside the album, click on individual thumbnails to view larger images.) Send your photos and info to your blogmeister. [email protected]

1958 Carats Program

  • '58 Carats Program Cover
    We all have memories of various plays and programs participated in or attended during our high school days. Here are some photos of the 1958 Carats Program to embellish those memories. (Click on album title to open. Once inside the album, click on individual thumbnails to view larger images.)

1959 Carats Program

  • '59 Carats Cover
    We all have memories of various plays and programs participated in or attended during our high school days. Here are some photos of the 1959 Carats Program to embellish those memories. (Click on album title to open. Once inside the album, click on individual thumbnails to view larger images.)

1960 Carats Program

  • '60 Carats Show Cover
    We all have memories of various plays and programs participated in or attended during our high school days. Here are some photos of the 1960 Carats Program to embellish those memories. (Click on album title to open. Once inside the album, click on individual thumbnails to view larger images.)

Milby Kaleidoscope Programs

  • Kaleidoscope Stars, 1959
    We all have memories of various plays and programs participated in or attended during our high school days. Here are some photos from the Plainsman produced Kaleidoscope Program to embellish those memories. (Click on album title to open. Once inside the album, click on individual thumbnails to view larger images.) Please send any related photos that you have to add to this collection. [email protected]

Milby Drama Department Productions

  • "The Good Hope", Stage 59
    We all have memories of various plays and programs participated in or attended during our high school days. Here are some photos from various productions and activities related to the Milby Drama Department to embellish those memories. (Click on album title to open. Once inside the album, click on individual thumbnails to view larger images.) Please send any related photos that you have to add to this collection. [email protected]
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