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2) 3rd and 4th Grade Southmayd Elementary

2) 3rd and 4th Grade Southmayd Elementary

3rd grade picture 1951 Southmayd Elementary Teacher: Mrs. Prince
Top Row: Jack? Dickie Taylor Paul? Sydney? - Sue Sanford
2nd Row: Alan Caliva Anthony Caliva Malcolm Broderick? (had a twin sister, Deana) Robert Merritt Charles Wenck Howard Thomas Robert Davidson Raymond Dumas Charles Wright
Front Row: Judy Stephens Bobbie Hurley Maxine Troxall Marsha Harrison Barbara Touchstone - Carol Ann Smith Brenda Collins Darnell Hammond

4th grade picture 1952 Southmayd Elementary Teacher: Mrs. Crawford (we also had a Mrs Doyle - our class was split over the summer, Low4 and High 4)
Top Row: Sue Sanford Charles Townsend Linda Bailey Ronnie Potter Brenda Collins Howard Thomas - Tommy Gothard Peggy Lusk
3rd Row: Sonny Cannon (had a twin sister, Polly) Mary Ann Hodges Charles Wright Jeannie Vollers Jack? Bessie Palms Robert Davidson Bobbie Hurley
2nd Row: Barbara Touchstone C.V. Daniels Ann Hughes Roger Theiss Marsha Harrison Anthony Caliva Susan ? Alan Caliva
Front Row: Carol Ann Smith Raymond Dumas Darnell Hammond Malcolm Broderick Polly Cannon (twin to Sonny) Charles Wenck Judy Stephens Robert Merritt