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U - The 1869 House

U - The 1869 House

We stayed in a wonderful example of an early Texas ranch house, called the 1869 house. We (two couples) had this beautifully decorated, antique filled two bedroom house to ourselves for the night. There were mud daubed bird nests under the eaves of the deep back porch and the birds awakened us with their flutters and scurries as they went about the task of feeding their babies whose hungry beaks poked frantically above the opening of each nest.

Over in the arena, across the way from our cottage, the wranglers were saddling up some horses to take other ranch guests for a trail ride. Who would want to do that on such a peaceful morning? We much preferred a leisurely breakfast and a stroll around the grounds nearby. At one point, the ranch owner (who is a renowned lawyer in the area) rode a horse over to us, tipped his wide brimmed hat, said, "Mornin' ma'am" and inquired about our comfort. Sheila had told us he was 'a bit eccentric'. (A judge had to reprimand him for dressing inappropriately for trial once - seems his chaps and spurs were disruptive to the proceedings.)

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