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G - A Gathering of the Herd

G - A Gathering of the Herd

After a month of banter on the blog and a general e-mail solicitation, the big day arrived. Pictured here left to right are:

Sheila Steele Howard, our hostess for the event (I hadn't seen Sheila in 40+ years! Boy she looks GREAT, and her wit is still intact!!!)

Jody Bugg - despite the fact that she sustained a spiral fracture of her femur several months ago and is still on a walker, Jody ventured forth and joined in with the hilarity of the afternoon.

Karla Lofgren Davis - what a kick to celebrate our 46th anniversary in this manner. Ed was a great sport about the winding, dusty roads and got us there in fine style.

Doris Lentz Simmons - obviously Doris is an adventurer, as she spotted many places along the way to which she plans to return on another day. But THIS day she kept us in stitches with her stories and humor.

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