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A - John and Linn, "Partners" on the Road

A - John and Linn, "Partners" on the Road

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May 29, 2008
John wrote the following: “The tag sale sounds like it will be a lot of fun; I hope a lot of classmates can make it. Linn and I would love to make the trip and visit with whomever shows up, but regretfully we will not be available that weekend as we will be in Michigan visiting her Mom.”

Then, May 30 John wrote, “At the end of watch (0530), I'll go home for a short nap, then upon arising will grab my gear (that's whatever Linn hasn't already packed), and we will be on our way. Normally, we would drive straight through to Linn’s mom’s place, 22 hours, 1700 miles. But this time we are going to slow down and smell the roses.”

On June 7 John reported… “We have had quite an adventure thus far. We spent 5 days in Michigan camping out and visiting with Linn's Mom. It rained three days straight. I really hate to fold a wet tent, but we had to be on our way.”

In his original itinerary, John had introduced the following possibility: “One unusual aspect of the trip is that after we leave Holly, Mich. we plan to travel due west to Lake Michigan and travel by ferry across the lake, some 87 miles. That promises to be a new adventure. Linn doesn't do well on boats - as we found out the second day of our Alaskan cruise last summer! But the ferry is her idea, claims it will save about 150 miles… let me see… 20 miles per gallon that's about 7.5 gallons times $4.50 per gallon for Diesel. I think that comes out to about $33.75 in fuel costs compared to the $80.00 for the ferry! Is this some type of female logic???? Sorry, couldn't resist...

BUT…we will land in Wisconsin, close to the Harley-Davidson Factory. Hmmmm, I wonder... surely Linn wouldn't mind a small detour. I promise I'll be good, just a T-Shirt, or two, or a jacket, or...”

In retrospect, John reported, “The ride across Lake Michigan turned out to be another surprise - the fair was $80.00 PER PERSON, plus the cost for the vehicle, which came to $279.00!…for a 2.5 hour ride across the lake… which had white tops everywhere and waves breaking high on the ship. Linn said ‘no more boats for quite a while’. She didn't get sick, but she did turn a light shade of green.”