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B - John at the Harley Davidson Factory

B - John at the Harley Davidson Factory

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There was an UP side to the Ferry Ride in that John did get to visit the Harley Davidson Factory. However, it turned out to be a case of good news/bad news, as John wrote next… “We made Milwalkee around 2 PM, found the Harley-Davidson Factory only to learn that the last tour was at 1 PM. They allowed us to take a few photos in the lobby area and then we picked up a few items at the gift shop. We were just about to pay for them when sirens went off everywhere! The young lady in the gift shop announced as she was locking the front door... ‘that is the tornado alert siren. There is an imminent threat of a tornado, please come with me.’

Well, we did get a very good 'tour' of the factory as we quickly walked to the stairs and descended to the basement shelter. We got to see all the workers at the factory standing in a narrow hallway in the un-air-conditioned basement! It wasn't too bad, for on the way out after the all-clear sounded, our guide walked us out the long way around and allowed us to see most of the plant.”

The Good News? Toured the Harley Davidson Factory and bought some goods

The Bad News? Missed the scheduled tour, endured a tornado drill, and literally sweated it out in the basement of the Harley Davidson Factory. But as you can see in the photo, John did get his ‘souvenirs’.

Memories are Made of This!!!!!!!