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H - Linn Holding Garfield the Cat

H - Linn Holding Garfield the Cat

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"In this photo Linn is holding their barn cat named 'Garfield'."

And with that photo entered in this album, John’s travelogue concludes with this summary…

June 14, 2008
“Karla, we got back home Thursday night around 12:30 AM. Dodged tornados, floods, washed out roads and bridges, took back roads most of the way and stayed off freeways as much as possible. We toured the Harley-Davidson Factory in Milwaukee and the Winnebago Factory in Iowa. We saw a lot of beautiful country and Linn affirmed that she is not a boat person! The pitching, rocking and rolling of the ferry as it crossed Lake Michigan was not any fun for her! 3492 miles later, we are glad to be HOME."

Thanks, John for the great travelogue. How about the rest of you buffaloes? Send me your photos and narrative so we can all enjoy your vacation with you!!! KD

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