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1954 Briscoe Elementary

1954 Briscoe Elementary

I got this photo and the following message in an e-mail from Ray today (04/14/08).

I found this picture in an old album this weekend. I am not sure of the vast majority of their names but do remember
the following:
Back row, fourth from right, me (Ray Prichard);
Back row third from right Larry Pyle
Back row sixth from left Wayne Hankins
Front row third from left, Sally Kin

I recognize the faces but not the names of several of them that went to Milby. Ray

Glad to have a photo from Briscoe - those kids had the rest of us outclassed with their fancy duds!!! Does anyone else remember some names that we can put with the faces? Just leave your info in a comment on the photo album post - or any post for that matter - and I will transfer it to this photo caption. KD