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5th grade Bonner Class 1953

5th grade Bonner Class 1953

Glenda Burns Minniece sent these two Bonner Class Photos (our first from that school!). Said Glenda, "Mrs. Steed was our 5th grade teacher. She read to us every day after lunch. That's how I learned about The Black Stallion books among other goodies."

Glenda identified these classmates as follows:
1953: (bottom to top, left to right) - writing is a bit smudgy & hard to read, but here goes, without last names - sorry! I was in the 5th grade, remember!: (I'll supply last names on the ones I'm sure of, though)
Bottom row: Linda, Billy, Marjorie, Arthur, Nancy (Waddell), Neil (Williams), Judy (Kennedy), Tommy (Griggs), Charlene (Hickman) standing
2nd row: Martha (Sanders), LaDon, Linda (McKnight), Jerry, Jackie, Sam (Pittman), Shirley, Nathan (Sewell), Judy
3rd row: Carol S., Donny, Carl, Connie (Oliveras), Marty (Javors), Carolyn (McSwain), Danny (Kirk), Franzell, Bobby (Bomer)
Top row: Jeffry, Glenda (Burns), Kenneth, Carol, Skippy, Pat (Roberson), Maris (Seymour), Robert, Paul (Temple), Shirley (Singleton)

Glenda also included the following alphabetized list of her elementary classmates who graduated with us in the Milby Class of 1960, but she said that not all of these students are in both pictures.

See if you can match the names with the faces. Thanks, Glenda!!!

Thurburn Barker
Barbara Beard
Bobby Boner
Glenda Burns
Hugh Crell
Tommy Griggs
Charlene Hickman
Judy Kennedy
Danny Kirk
Linda McKnight
Carolyn McSwain
Jerry Mustain
Connie Oliveras
Sam Pitman
Pat Roberson
Maris Seymour
Shirley Singleton
Paul Temple

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