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Southmayd Elementary 1954

Southmayd Elementary 1954

Mike Roberts also sent this photo of the 6th grade class he was in. Here are the names of the people we know for sure. Mike is certain that some of you ladies (sorry guys!) can fill in the blanks in our memories. How about it???

Row 1 L to R: Betty Bobb, ? , Linda Collins, Kay Burg, Sandra Barry, Melba Evans, Charlotte Vann, Fonda Whitt, ?
Row 2 L to R: Mike Roberts, Calvin Blackman, Richard Massey, Billy Denning, ? , ? , Colin Patterson, ? , David Claridge
Row 3 L to R: ? , Jimmy Stewart, ? , Phil ?, Sammie Farquhar, Thomas Merritt, Pam Thomas, Richard Gibson
Row 4 L to R: Alan ?, ? , Doris, ? , Nita Bolin, Sally Jo Boulware, ? , Lynn Chatfield, Bill ?

Send in a comment on the photo thread and identify those friends whose names are missing. Correct the names that we may have gotten wrong. Thanks! KD

(see a Southmayd class photo from 1949 at the end of this photo album)