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Park Place Elementary midterm 1949 and 1952

Park Place Elementary midterm 1949 and 1952

Dave Williams submitted these photos of two of his Park Place Elementary classes. Can you find yourself here?

Laura McNeil Burns offers these names for the bottom photo labeled Park Place Elementary Students:

First row: ? , Ann Christian, ? , Sandra Wallace, ?
Second row: Gwen Harris, Camille Hartman, Vicki Green, ? , Ella Bowliing, Dolly Mae Bien, Diane Foster, Terry Worley
Third row: Laura McNeil, Ronnie Willis, Ota Renaye Jones, Allyn Robinson, Donna Rodgers, Paul Gill, Susie Hardy, David Williams, teacher (what was her name?)
Fourth row: Robert Beard, ? , Bobby Eckhart, Carl Fisher, ? , ? , Bobby Olson
Fifth row: James New, ? , Richard Seymour, Jimmy Joe Hardy, David Broyles, ? , ?

Her memory serves us well. Can you help out with corrections, completions, and names for those question marks???