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Park Place Elementary 1954

Park Place Elementary 1954

Perhaps more of the faces will be recognizable in this 1954 6th grade class photo, as we were maturing.

Here are the ones identified at this time:
1st row L to R: ? , Karla Lofgren, Betsy Friesner, Sandra Schley, Billie Jean Trombatore, Janellen Wilder, Sandy Payne
2nd row, L to R: Charles Crider, Tommy Randall , Dicky Allen, ? , Travis Ghee, James Verlander
3rd row, L to R: Charles Pridgen, Linda Robinson, Pat Bain, Nancy Norred, Kay Knoblach, ? , ?
4th row, L to R: ? , John Gowan, ? , Paul Irwin, ?

Billie Trombatore Young has identified the teacher as Mrs. Manley.