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Park Place Baptist Church Kindergarten Graduation, 1949

Park Place Baptist Church Kindergarten Graduation, 1949

Starting 5th from left - Sue Ellen Wheeler; then Karla Lofgren; next Kitty Hicks; skip a girl; then Harvey (Buster) Ferguson; next Paul Irwin; skip one; Charles Crider; skip; skip

Can anyone name others in the group?

I love this picture partly because of the good memories of friends, but also because this was the Baptismal pool (top middle) where I was baptized. I am sure some of the rest of you were baptized there, too. I remember the beautiful stained glass windows well. Our Brownie troop met in the educational building behind the sanctuary, at least for a while.

Later, this church facility became part of the new, magnificent Park Place Methodist Church complex with its sanctuary on the other end of the block, there at Broadway and Park Place Boulevard. PP Baptist Church built a beautiful new facility near the end of Broadway - on the same block as my house by the bayou. Later PPBC added an even larger, grander worship center, and ours was the first wedding ceremony performed there in June of 1962. (Karla)