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(Bk) - Birds of a Feather, or Something Like That

(Bk) - Birds of a Feather, or Something Like That

After John submitted his Spooky Story (see "Halloween Hauntings: Tales of the Paranormal", listed in the right sidebar), Billy Carter countered with this review of the similarities between John Echoff and himself. And there is a Fall representation in the photo as well - a Mr. and Mrs. Scarecrow on their way to church in the background of the photo. See the next picture in this album for a close-up of the couple.

Here's the message Billy addressed to John:

I thoroughly enjoyed your story about placing a headstone on your Dad’s grave. It says a lot about your strong character.

I see a couple of similarities between you and me.

My brother (also named Jackie) and I were born in Kilgore. I attended school there thru the 7th grade. With the economy in bad shape, Dad moved our family to Houston. We actually continued to live in Kilgore until my brother Jackie, graduated from Kilgore High School in 1955. My Mom had graduated from Kilgore High and wanted her son to “follow her steps”. Dad lived with his brother here in Houston, while we spent our last year in Kilgore. The small, 2 bedroom, 1 bath, 1 car garage, frame home in Pecan Park, was twice the size of our home in Kilgore, even after we added an indoor bathroom.

Anywho---I was surprised a class mate had family from Kilgore and a brother named Jackie. My brother is currently a Deputy Sheriff for Nacogdoches, County.

Also, I bought my first motorcycle when I was 27. Dad would not allow me to even get onto one. He got really angry when I took my first motorcycle to show him and Mom. She had me take her around the block. Boy, that went over like a “ton of bricks”.

Keep the shiny side up and the rubber on the ground!

Billy Carter