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(Bn) - Fall Colors, Texas Style

(Bn) - Fall Colors, Texas Style

This photo of the Klein Collins High School Color Guard illustrates the poem Billy Carter wrote about the Fall Colors where he lives. His 15 year old daughter Amanda is carrying the flag in the photo. Amanda is one of 18 Color Guard members of the KLEIN Collins High School Band. Billy points out that in addition to flags, they also toss rifles and sabers.

Billy continues, "Tonight (10/21/08) at UIL band competition held in the Woodlands' Woodforest football stadium, they were rated 1-1, which is the highest rating. The Klein ISD already has a video of tonight's K Collins Band in competition, posted to "youtube". Here's the link, if you care to watch.

In this video clip, Amanda is one of the four girls with flags, who start out in the front. Counting left to right, she is waving the first flag."

Billy concludes, "Barb and I attend all of "Collins" football games."

Here's Billy's poem...

Fall along the Gulf Coast is noted by colors,
Not from our trees, but from our student scholars.

It’s Friday Night Football at each and every stadium,
Supported by colorful Bands, Drill Corps, other medium.

Students in step, Uniforms in a row,
Drums beat, onto the field they go.

Electronic gear faces the Home crowd,
Music erupts, horns blasting out loud.

The Color Guard waves banners high in the air,
And these ladies toss rifles without a care.

You will see colors, blue, red and green,
While cheering our kids, the “ones” staying “clean”.

Yes, Fall has arrived, there’s a chill on the scene,
Sit in our stands, see those who still have a Dream.