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(Ag) - Jody's Activities in New England

(Ag) - Jody's Activities in New England

Jody has a story about this picture:

"If you look very closely at the center of this photo with the "scarecrows" sitting on the bench, you can see a paper doll. When I left for NE, I was volunteering at my old school and the teacher was doing a Flat Stanley project, so I took one of the Flat Stanleys with me. The paper doll is a little girl which was created by Cassandra, so I called her Flat Cassandra. I have photos about Flat Cassandras trip throughout the NE countryside. In most of these photos, you can see Flat Cassandra pretty well. In the one I sent to you, you kind of have to know she's there and look for her. "

Upon further questioning, Jody told more about this project..."Flat Stanley is a widely used strategy. In fact, Clint Eastwood had a Flat Stanley at the Oscars a few years back. His daughter was participating in her school project. And I also want to say that one of the Pres Bushes (W, I think, or maybe one of the Bush women ... Mama or Laura) had his/her photo taken with a Flat Stanley ... the kid of somebody he/she knew was participating.

I don't exactly know how Flat Stanley Projects work, and it may work on all sorts of different levels, but it's kind of a journal/pen pal writing assignment. When I was in New England taking photos of my Flat "Casandra" at various points of interest, a woman walked by and laughed ... "Flat Stanley?" she questioned. When I went on my Holland/Belgium trip in 2007, there were two grandparents carrying a Flat Stanley."