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(Bhb) - Glenda's Painting - "The Rest of the Story"

(Bhb) - Glenda's Painting - "The Rest of the Story"

Now, here's "THE REST OF THE STORY".

Glenda Burns Minniece sent the following e-mail to me along with this photo. A picture truly is worth a thousand words.

Said Glenda...
"Hi Karla, Remember Jerry Tucker's two photos of Wyoming with those very unusual sky colors? I thought they were so beautiful that I made copies and sent to my aunt, who is an artist. I knew she would appreciate them. Well, guess what! She painted one and gave it to me for Christmas! (Early because of when we could get together.) The photo of her rendition is attached. I'm so thrilled. Thank you, Aunt Peggy! Thank you, Jerry Tucker! Hugs, G."