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C - "Camping Calories Don't Count"

C - "Camping Calories Don't Count"

"Dolly was her usual most gracious hostess and cook Friday morning and lunch. Friday morning she cooked scrambled eggs, with potatoes, and onions. Linn cooked thick sliced market bacon. It was piled on tortillas and there was nothing left!

"Friday at lunch, Dolly fixed "Sloppy Joe's", again no leftovers. Friday night we went out to dinner and were joined by our oldest, Matthew, who brought his wife Laura (cancer survivor-at least for now), and our granddaughter Kaitlyn (10 yrs) and we had a wonderful visit.

"Saturday morning, Dolly and Linn fixed the eggs and bacon-WHEW! Someone there said "Camping Calories don't count!" Maybe not, but my uniform is a little tight! Cleaners must have shrunk it...

"Lunch on Saturday was cold cuts that Charlene and Larry brought. Saturday dinner was Linn's hamburgers."