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A) The Echoff Homestead in Santa Fe

A) The Echoff Homestead in Santa Fe

John and Linn Echoff hosted a gathering of friends to celebrate John's impending retirement after 41 years in law enforcement, working with the Harris County Sheriff's Department. Read details of that illustrious career on John's Milby 1960 blog biography. Jody Bugg and Ray Prichard sent these photos.

Jody wrote this description of her journey to John and Linn's house, "I made it to John Echoff's retirement party, although I almost didn't go because of the rain. I had planned on leaving here around 11am, but the rain was just pouring down, and I don't do rain. It cleared up somewhat around 11:45, so I headed out. SW Fwy/59 was fine until I got to town.... began deluging again. When I got to the Santa Fe exit off I-45, it was just heinous, but I had come this far, so continued onward. Got to John's after passing it two times, and the weather was perfectly fine ... really very cool and nice, except for the soggy ground."