> John Echoff's Retirement Celebration

May 15, 2010 was the date for a grand retirement celebration for John Echoff. Click on titles or photos to enlarge the photos and read the captions.

A) The Echoff Homestead in Santa Fe
B) The Echoffs - Looking Mighty Happy!
C) Charles and Dolly Crider
D) Merle and Ray
E) Merle and Ray with Jack Roady
F) Sign in the Echoff Yard
G) Ray and Pat Prichard
H) Larry and Charleen Smith
I) Susan and Donald Hannsz
J) Ann Roberson Owen
K) Jody Bugg
L) John and Larry
M) Charles Crider
M) Merle and Ray
N) Ray, Merle, John, Don, and Ray
O) Grand Finale