> Karla's African Adventure in the 60's

Check out the adventurous life Karla and Ed Davis lived in Africa in the 60's. Made memories to last a lifetime! Click on titles or thumbnails to enlarge photos and read captions.

A) Our Home in Benghazi, Libya
B) The Grounds of Our Compound
Ca) Our Houseboy Mohammed with His Wife and Mother
Cb) Karla in Libyan Wedding Garb
D) Exploring Greek and Roman Ruins Nearby
E) The Ancient Port of Appolonia
F) Pre-Historic Carvings at Slonta
Gb) Ancient Libyan Artifacts and Shards
Gc) Mediterranean Cruise - With Students
H) Karla and Ed with Egyptian Tour Group
I) Karla on a Camel at Giza
Ja) Relaxing in the Winter Palace Gardens in Luxor
Jb) The Winter Palace Hotel in Luxor, Egypt
K) A Carriage Ride from the Hotel to the Dock
L) Crossing the Nile
Ma) Entering the Valley of the Tombs of the Kings
Mb) Osman Illuminates the Afterlife
Na) The Cedars of Lebanon
Nb) Byblos, Lebanon
Nc) Baalbec, Syria
Nd) Baalbec, Syria
R) In Two Hemispheres
Sa) Ed in a Masai Boma
Sb) Shopping with Masai Along the Road
Sc) Buying Bead Collars from the Ladies
T) Posing at the Acropolis