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H) Karla and Ed with Egyptian Tour Group

H) Karla and Ed with Egyptian Tour Group

We visited Egypt several times during our two year tenure in Benghazi. This was a small group of people who assembled in the foyer of the hotel where we were staying, each having made arrangements with the concierge for a personalized guided tour. Aren't we a funny mix of people? The guide (wth Arab head gear) spoke several languages, which was a good thing since our group required multiple translations.

To my 21st century eyes, this picture has a comical tone. The straightlaced and innocent Americans (Ed and me), the Pakistani family - eager to give their children an education, the German woman who seemed to be conducting some black market business with our guide (on the side), and the two Slavic men who seemed furtive and not wholly interested in the antiquities and famous landmarks.

We felt perfectly safe and had a very enjoyable day with this bunch - touring the Alabaster Mosque, various markets, the Pyramids of Giza, and many other fascinating places. But it seems to me this would make a great cast for one of those dramas on PBS.