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Ca) Our Houseboy Mohammed with His Wife and Mother

Ca) Our Houseboy Mohammed with His Wife and Mother

Mohammed told us how he purchased his wife without ever seeing her. That is in part why he giggled when we were affectionate - he explained through hand gestures and giggling utterances that it was not something that he and his wife shared. However, he also said he thought it looked like a good thing that he might enjoy. BTW - they did have a baby. Hmmm.

I was privileged to visit in Mohammed's home for a tea ceremony with his wife and mother. Men were not allowed to be present in such circumstances, so Ed had to enjoy his tea elsewhere.

There was no furniture in their home (other than some castoff cabinets from the school).The family sat and slept on sheep skin rugs in their little one room home. However, they did find a rickety wooden chair for me. The strong, syrupy tea was brewed in a little tin pot which sat on coals in a large tin can. We drank this thick sweet tea from a little glass that was much like a "shot" glass. After each participant drank her tea, the glass was wiped on the hem of a garment and passed to the next person.

The women had numerous tattoos - across their eyebrows and foreheads, down their chins, and on their arms and hands. That doesn't sound nearly so strange now as it did at that time.