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D) Exploring Greek and Roman Ruins Nearby

D) Exploring Greek and Roman Ruins Nearby

Benghazi is located on the northern boundary of Libya, against the Mediterranean shore. Due to that location, in ancient times the land was colonized by first the Greeks and then the Romans.

The ruins of these ancient cities had not been excavated to any extent, and they were neither guarded nor regulated. For that reason we were able to explore at will, and spent many delightful afternoons strolling and picnicking in these dramatic surroundings.

Most of our excursions into the nearby countryside involved groups comprised of various members of the American Community School staff, and the staff and families from the Seventh Day Adventist Missionary Hospital. The latter group had an apartment building that was a twin to ours, located in the same walled compound. In the lower right photo you see me on the right and my sister-in-law on the left. Ed's brother was the Headmaster at the school the first year we were there. After that year, they moved into a dessert area where they established a new school within a massive oilfield camp. Ed became the headmaster of the American School in Benghazi.