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FG - Easter Baskets - Karly

FG - Easter Baskets - Karly

Of course, at 6 months Karly was not too impressed with her basket, but she will be some day.

To make it more feminine, I tied off a jillion Easter motif and other pastel ribbons along a wire I had strung through the basket weave. I lined her basket with fiberfill and a pastel fabric covered with beautiful Easter Eggs. (OH, MY POOR ARTHRITIC FINGERS!!!)

The cute stuffed bunny hops and sings "Here Comes Peter Cottontail". The cloth book (purchased, not home made by Nana) has a different Beatrix Potter character on each page. I love BP and have made her stories a central part of storytime at Nana's. I gave her one of my treasures, a little box with a tiny pull out drawer filled with miniature Potter books. I hope Karly will love these stories as much as the three grandsons have.