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My sense of personal fulfillment seems to be somewhat dependent on having a creative project in progress. My projects seldom conform to anything seen in hobby shops or magazines. They are, however, creative, and they are all mine! Double click on this title to open. Inside, double click on any thumbnail to see an enlarged image and read about the project. (Then - as always - send me your stuff so I can create a project photo album on the blog for YOU!)

AA - Kaleidoscope of Tyler
AB - Kaleidoscope of Tyler, closeup
AC - Kaleidoscope of Tyler, details and how-to
AD - Kaleidoscope of Ryan
AE - Kaleidoscope of Ryan, closeup
AF - Kaleidoscope of Ryan, details
BA - Daddy's  Baby Dress Shadowbox
BB - Baby Randy's Shadowbox
BC - Baby Karla's Shadowbox
CA - Christmas Photo Quilt
CB - Christmas Photo Quilt Detail
CC - Second Christmas Photo Quilt
CD - Second Christmas Photo Quilt Detail
CE - Log Cabin Quilted Wall Hanging
CF - Christmas Card Collage
CG - Christmas Stockings
DA - Lofgren Family Album Project
DB - Lofgren Family Album Photo Backs
DC - Display Case, Album, and Notes
DD - Display Case and Notes
DE - Lofgren Family Album Project Complete
EA - Alex's Christmas Gift
EB - Alex's Canvas Book
EC - Alex's Pumpkin Patch Page
ED - Ryan's 6 Photo Cube Puzzle
EF - Tyler's Sports Album
EGa - Pop-up Page
EGb - Pop-up Page
FA - Memory Books Galore
FB - Memory Book Spreads
FC - Grandsons Make Excellent Subjects
FD- Easter Baskets 09 - Alex
FE - Easter Baskets 09, Alex
FF - Easter Baskets - Alex
FG - Easter Baskets - Karly
GA - Family Heritage Album Cover Detail
GB - Family Heritage Albums, Front Covers
GC - Family Heritage Album, Back Covers
GD - Family Heritage Album Pages
GE - Family Heritage Album Pages
GF - Family Heritage Album Title Page