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Ac) Alton Couvillon

Ac) Alton Couvillon

Sorry to hear that Alton (Al now, I think) won't make the 50th Celebration. But he sent a current photo along with this greeting:

"Hello everybody! I hope y'all have a fun time at the reunion. I am alive and well. We (my wife, Judy, and our 2 dogs) live 6 months in Austin (Lake Travis Area) and 6 months in Colorado (the Pike's Peak area). Our winters are spent with the kids and grandkids here in Texas and summers in Colorado as camp hosts at The Diamond Campground. Come see us if you can ! We live full-time in our motorhome...see our pictures on our Facebook page.

To Judy Kennedy: My wife Judy and I were in Salado on Saturday the 20th at the Stagecoach Inn.

Enjoy the reunion! Alton"