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B) Carolyn and Gladys

B) Carolyn and Gladys

Carolyn Smith Pfennig and Gladys Payne Bohac

Gladys sent this message the evening of the luncheon:

"This was a memorable day for all of us. What a joy to continue sharing things with each one about our lives. So special. It was so good seeing Joan Williamson Fox - can you believe she and Bill are celebrating their 50th this year? And JoAnn Peters Green will be celebrating their 50th in September. I know that there are a lot more that will be celebrating their 50th this year and next year. I know that Laura (Striegler) & Loyd Wilson, Pat Pierce Schneider, and so many more will also be celebrating 50 years of marriage. I think that is wonderful that so many have accomplished that in their marriage. WOW!!!!!

After the luncheon Francis Pope Beasley came over for an extended visit. What joy to talk about past friends from high school that were not able to be at the reunion. There were also some at the luncheon that were unable to be at the reunion and of course we had to talk about how much fun it was seeing everyone again after five years and talked about the next one in five years (or maybe sooner). All in all it was a delightful day for me and I am sure the others feel the same way.

It is amazing how our group has grown to love seeing and sharing our lives with each other. We do have a very special class I think. Love, Gladys"