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Deady Royalty...of a Sort

Deady Royalty...of a Sort

Can anyone remember the theme/name of this dance? Or why we had the patches sewn on our clothes? How often did we have these after school dances in the cafeteria in junior high? Details needed.

Laura McNeil Burns suggested "I'm guessing that was a Sadie Hawkins dance with patches for Dogpatch, but I am not sure."

That prompted a Google of the topic and found this: "Sadie Hawkins Day was a day-long event in Al Capp's comic strip "Li'l Abner" observed in the United States on the Saturday that follows November 9, named after Sadie Hawkins, 'the homeliest gal in all them hills'. Each year on Sadie Hawkins Day, the unmarried women of Dogpatch pursued the single men. If a woman caught a man and dragged him back to the starting line by sundown, he had to marry her". So, that question is answered (thanks, Laura!!!). How about the other questions posed in this caption?

Left to Right: (first names only on the back of the picture) Carole Sue Walker, Merle Montgomery, Nelda Julian, Jo Ann Peters, Kay Russell, Karla Lofgren, Walter (Skip) Wainwright, Buddy ? , Billy Denning, Gale ? , Clyde (Sonny) Jones, Fred McClurg (Any help with missing last names will be appreciated).