> Reunion Planning Committee

Click on thumbnails or titles to see photos from recent gatherings of the Milby 1960 Reunion Planning Committee. To return to the main post, click on the phrase "" at the top left of this album.

A) - Milby Reunion Committee Jan 24, '09
AA) - The Motley Crew (Ray's Words)
AB) - Fonda
AC) - Our Hostess, Linda
AD) - Donald
AE) - Ray
AF) - Alma and Jeff
AG) - Larry and Guy
AH) - Fonda, Joe, and Linda
AI) - Linda, Larry and Guy
AJ) - Donald, Guy, and Jeff
AK) - Alma
AL) - Linda as Hostess
AM) - Joe and Larry
AN) - Larry, Fonda, and Ray
AO) - View from Linda's Dining  Room Window
BA) Ray, Joe, and Tommie Bennett
BB) Larry and Doris Laugh It Up
BC) Ray's Final Words - for now...
BD) August 29, 2009 Meeting
CA) Ray Prichard and Judee Utgard Schroeder
CB) Reunion Committee 1-16-10
D) Reunion Committee at Work, Feb 27, 2010
EA) A Quorum Assembled
EB) Part of the Crew
EC) Jeff & Tommy
ED) Linda & Fonda
EF) Joe & Ray
EG) Alma & Donald
EH) Linda & Tommy B
EI) Tommie, Jeff & Doris
EJ) Alma & Doris