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"The Critique" - Thurburn's Girls at Work

"The Critique" - Thurburn's Girls at Work

“The Critique” shows (L-R) Cathie, Heather (youngest daughter), Janet (oldest daughter) and our granddaughter Caitlin. The women are critiquing some of Caitlin's drawings. Caitlin is quite creative as an artist. During this visit, Caitlin constructed her own Christmas cards. Each card is different and each has a fold-out center. An example is one with a decorated Christmas tree with a toy railroad train that rings the base of the tree and gift boxes with bows adorning the inside and outside faces of the card. (You're right. I'll have to take a picture)."

OK, Thurburn, we'll look forward to more photos - of the cards Caitlin designed as well as of your gathering at Christmas. Thanks for this glimpse into your fascinating world! Karla