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(Oa) Old House in Holly, Michigan

(Oa) Old House in Holly, Michigan

John Echoff sent this report about his Christmas holiday with Linn’s family in Michigan. He also sent these beautiful snow scenes. The message begins:

“Karla, I just wanted to touch base and let you know what has transpired during the holidays. We left here on Friday, before Christmas heading for Linn's family home in Holly, Michigan. Arrived there Saturday afternoon, in between two snowstorms. On Sunday morning we had 2 foot of snow and the temp was 11 degrees! Linn's mother has been in very bad health and last spring she advised that she probably would not be here for Christmas. In October she was hospitalized in critical condition for a couple of weeks and upon returning home one of Linn's sisters moved in as a caretaker. The sister is an amateur photographer and has recently won a prize from a local paper for some of her photo's, which included landscapes, sunsets, and animals. (Continued with next photo)