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Eb) Brown Eyed Yummikins

Eb) Brown Eyed Yummikins

I noticed that some captions said Olive and some said Olivia. I wrote an e-mail to Jody to learn the correct name. She sent the following explanation, along with more photos of Olivia. Those have now been added to Jody's biography at

"It's Olivia on the birth certificate. We call her Olive. Carrie wanted to name her Olive from the start, but she thought some people in the family would scoff at the name, so the name Olivia is for those who cannot bring themselves to call her Olive. I wasn't all that fond of "Olive," myself, but the name is growing on me. And I have called her Olive from the beginning because I know that's the name Carrie prefers. I've noticed that a few of Charlie's family have nicknames for her that they use all the time. Carrie and Charlie think it's because they object to the name Olive. That could be, but I often call her "Yummikins," which is my nickname for her, but not because I object to the name "Olive." I call her "Yummikins" because she's so yummy that I want to kiss her all the time. Jody"