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1A) Charlene Hickman Family

1A) Charlene Hickman Family

This is Charlene Hickman Worrell, her husband Dub Worrell, and the grandchildren they are raising. After a conversation on the phone with Ray, Charlene sent a couple of photos and this greeting.

“So sorry I cannot attend, but my family commitment keeps me from coming. My retirement plans did not include raising 3 kids . . . and going to soccer and baseball games . . . but the Good Lord had another plan for me as you can see. My two biological grandchildren and their 1/2 sibling all live with us up here in BlueBell Country. Thank goodness we're here and not still in Houston. My husband and I adopted the 1/2 sibling so we could keep them together. They are 3, 5, and 7. As you can imagine ~ life is BUSY!!!!

Hope this reunion will find everyone in good health! Please tell everyone 'hello' for me. Charlene"