> THE SHOOTOUT: Part Deaux (June 2009)

June 6, 2009 - Eight Milby Buffs and their spouses gathered at the home of Larry and Charlene Smith for a little target practice and a lot of eating and visiting. A great time was had by all!!! Click on title or thumbnails to view and read more.

Aa - Directions, Drive, and Destination
Ab - Our Destination at Last
Ac - That's a Positive Sign
Ad - Two by Two, the Guests Arrived
Ba - Good Company, Good Eats
Bb - Loading Up!!!
Bc -  Chowing Down
Bd - A Chance to Get Better Acquainted
Be - A Little "Girl Talk"
Ca - When I Was So Rudely Interrupted...
Cb - "Really? You're not Kidding???"
Cc - There's a New Sheriff in Town
Cd - "Yeah, John...
Ce - Better Late Than Never
Da - Beyond the Patio and the Playscape...
Db - Safety Protocols Abound
Dc - Examining the Firearms
Dd - Some of the Handguns - Various Vintages
De - Good Natured Chattering Around the Arsenal
Df - Loading Up
Dg - Charles Takes Aim
Dh - Checking the Shot
Di - No Wonder They Needed the Telescopes
Dj - Charles Has to See For Himself
Dk - Now Some Pistol Shooting
Dl - Donald Hannsz Takes Aim
Dm - Ray Tries His Skill
Dn - The Targets Tell the Story
Do - Linn Steps In
Dp - Linn's Target Says it All
Ea - Ray Strikes a Pose
Eb - Now a Profile Shot
Fa - Time for Beauty, Too
Fb - The Fruits of Charleen's Talented Hands
Ga - A Happy Bunch of Buffalo
Gb - And Those We Brung Along
Gc - The End of a Happy Day