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Ba - Good Company, Good Eats

Ba - Good Company, Good Eats

The Guest List:
Larry and Charleen Smith (our hosts) and the clan at Stoneham:
Charleen's parents - Charles and Priscilla Bauer, and
Sister-in-law Beverly Bauer- (Charleen's brother Steve was suffering from kidney stones and was not able to join us)
John and Linn Echoff
Ray and Pat Prichard
John and Glenda (Burns) Minniece
Jody Bugg
Ed and Karla (Lofgren) Davis
Don and Susan Hannsz
Charles and Dolly Crider

The Menu:
Delicious smoked brisket (Linn seasoned and smoked it to perfection!), pinto beans, potato salad, fruit salad, green salad, cherry coke salad, pineapple upside down cake, chocolate cherry cake, pecan pie, peach cobbler. Yummy!!!!

What a great time of fellowship ~ how we wish YOU had been there!!!

What a delicious feast! Some of these recipes will soon appear in the "Signature Dishes" post.