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D - Prague Opera House

D - Prague Opera House

We flew in and out of Amsterdam, Holland many times on our trips back and forth to Saudi. We took time to see the country, including a trip to Delft to see how the Delft china was made. There were so many other towns that I can't remember the names.

We went on the Nile Cruise in Egypt and visited many cities there. It’s a very different place, unlike anything I had ever seen before. We saw tombs, museums and of course the awesome pyramids, sphinx and many ancient Egyptian cities. We had a ball on the cruise - it was party, party, party. But if anyone goes on this cruise and they tell you not to drink the water, DON'T DRINK THE WATER. A bunch of our friends and Bo and I got really sick. I picked up a parasite and was sick for four months, YUK.

One of the most special trips we took was when we traveled to the Czech Republic where Bo's grandfather was born.