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Student Council Officers, 1960

Student Council Officers, 1960

I found this clipping among my parents' things. Guess they were proud of their little girl. I was certainly proud of this honor during our senior year. Especially proud to serve with my buddy "Squeezy". (Did anyone else call him that? I don't know if that was all in my mind or if it was a commonly used nickname for the big guy).

In the post "Memories of Days Gone By...", Mike Roberts commented, "Billie, talking about Don Hannsz, brought back thoughts of he and Don Veazey, 2 of my pals who I considered were the smartest guys on the planet in the eighth grade, haven't seen either in 45 years."

I agree about their SMARTS. I saw Hannsz at the 45th reunion, and Veazey at the 40th. Both looking good and going strong. Hope they'll both contribute to the blog and join us for the 50th reunion!!! Don should send us photos from his recent trip to Maui. Karla